How to handle cuffing season when you’re single

Let’s make being single at cuffing season bearable

As someone who is recently single, I’ve now come out of the cave of tissues and tears in my room and confidently strutted into cuffing season.

A time filled with couples taking cute, over-priced hot chocolate selfies, at the Christmas markets, and also lovingly holding hands whilst ice skating. Meanwhile, you want to throw the hot chocolate over them and ‘accidentally’ slice your fingers off on the ice. Okay… maybe not that far but being single during this time kinda sucks.

BUT my fellow singletons, let’s think of other things we can be doing.


If you don’t go to the Stevie then so many gyms bring out discounts over this time. So, as I said before, go and get your own post-break up glow and help yourself feel fabulous about yourself again.


Stick certain fingers up to the tradition you NEED to go with ‘the love of your life’ (YAWN). Go with your besties. Go drink mulled wine, get crepes and take some wholesome bestie pics because at the end of the day: mates before dates.


Elfingrove is BACK! A relatively new concept to Glasgow’s Christmas scene but get yourself to the rink – again break stigma. Go with your besties or even go by yourself. Maybe… Just maybe… you’ll be on Dancing on Ice next year. Learning to love yourself and your own time is an extremely valuable life lesson.

4) Baking with friends

Home baking with friends whilst ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ is a classic and timeless Christmas activity. No matter how the baking turns out, it’s a nice and wholesome thing to do.

5) Go Christmas shopping (for yourself or for others)

So, it’s one of the busiest times on the social calendar. With Daft Friday, meeting up with friends whilst you’re home and NEW YEARS EVE! What ARE you going to wear for all these occasions? Glasgow city centre is one of the most popular shopping districts in Scotland so don’t let that go to waste. As well as this, there are many nice vintage and charity shops selling cracking items around the West End if you’re on a budget (who isn’t).

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