What your library floor says about you

Have you ever wondered why you like one library level more than the other?

After reading this you may want to ask yourself and/or the person you’re dating what floor they go to in the library. Could their floor be a red flag?

Level 2

Let’s start with the ground floor shall we? Level 2. If you ever find a booth or table to sit at on the ground floor then you probably want to talk to your peers about a group project that you will probably do most of the work for, love background noise while studying, and/or hate climbing any stairs or waiting for the lift. It’s a loud floor where people go in and out constantly, and I don’t know how people don’t get distracted from the constant moving. You might also be the type of person who can’t be arsed to walk up any stairs after hitting the gym and just want to go to the library in between your lectures to seem somewhat productive.


Now below level 2 is an underground level, quite the opposite to the ground floor and usually has a lot of serious looking post-grads. If you’re at the underground level then you probably desperately need a computer or have a serious deadline that’s crucial to your degree. It’s a level most people avoid so much that its existence seems almost fading…never underestimate the power of fading library floors when there’s a queue to get into the building!

Level 3

If you sit on level 3 then you’re the type of person who loves a chat break quite often and strives off of the background noise of people at the cafeteria. Depending on where you sit on level 3 says a lot about you too.

  • If you sit by the windows then you’re probably like me and love to get natural light although you tend to leave when it gets dark because the windows are so big it gets incredibly cold.
  • If you sit at the high-table and chair then you’re probably in the library for a short while because that is torture, and if you do study there for hours…what’s your secret to a non-bent vertebrae?
  • If you manage to get a booth on level 3 then you’re probably the kind of person who wakes up super-early to get it and is very dedicated in guarding your booth with your life. You will probably only share with your closest friends, meaning you are a good and thoughtful friend yourself!
  • If you sit in the cafeteria you either wear headphones or love the chatty background noise! You’re also probably quite extroverted and social, and you demonstrate that by greeting your acquaintances when they walk past you.

Level 4

Last year this floor used to be called “The Spanish Floor”, but now it seems to have become very diverse. A lot of the Spanish students used to go to level 4 together and then bump into other Spanish students and speak to each other for everyone else to hear. This year however, most students see it as a supposed quiet floor, but a safe space to also have a cheeky chat…and when someone breaks the silence for a chat, everyone starts to converse for a mid-study break. So if you happen to go on level 4, then you’re the type of person who needs to watch lectures and study but also is quite sociable and loves seeing familiar faces to talk to.

Levels 5-12

The higher the floor, the better the signal to pray to God for better grades. Although proven to be catastrophic to get downstairs during a fire drill, there are two kinds of people who go to higher floors, aka:

  • The bookies, the kind of people who go to the floor with the books needed for their course because they a) don’t want to read it online b) don’t want to pay for a physical copy and have no time to order it off eBay
  • The aesthetic lovers, the kind of people who simply go to the higher floors for the views and the quiet. Those who go to the higher floors tend to want to focus on their course and not chat to people but rather glance out the window for a decent view of the campus. If you’re into views then you’re probably into aesthetics and want to study in the library for a good while, make sure you treat yourself to a snack/chat break every so often!


Although the views from some of the annexes make you want to go hiking in Loch Lomond, they are quite warm and extremely quiet. If you study in the annexes then you are most likely the type of person who tells others in the library to ‘SHH’ if they whisper and talk, and rightly so. The annexes are widely known for being the most quiet spaces in the library, and always mean serious business and even more seriously close assignment deadlines. You might also be the type of student who is always well-prepared with a fully charged laptop because the plugs in the annexes are questionably far from the seats and come in scarce numbers. Studying in the annexes could also mean that you’re a snacker or want to eat your meals in private (possibly because you’re conscious of how smelly your meal is).

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