Sophia Killi

Sophia Killi
Glasgow University


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Move over, southside

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Move over hot girl summer I’m ready for my cosy dates

Ex-Glasgow Uni curling club president cleared of sexual assault claims

The former president of the curling club was cleared in court for fellow student’s sexual assault claims on a Freshers’ night out

Going to a psychology lecture as a non-psych student felt more like therapy

Do you need a reality check? Head to a psych lecture

Introducing the GUU Committee Candidates

Meet the prospective candidates behind next year’s HIVE nights and capping the price of pints of fun

Discover the SRC committee candidates and nominees

‘The University is dead set on increasing the number of buildings and the student population but has no plans to actually house these students’

GUSA elections and nominees

‘I’m running because I am very keen about the environment and there’s a lot more GUSA can do to improve their environmental standards’

Meet the QMU committee candidates & nominees

‘The QMU is one of the most historic music venues in Glasgow and live music should be at the forefront of everything we do’

GUSDC truly did ‘Kill the Lights’

I went to the GUSDC dance show last weekend and this is why you should go next time

The ins and outs of Glasgow Student Fight Night 2023

From seeing blood to not seeing at all

Going to The 1975 concert as a fake fan

I see now why people are obsessed with Matthew Healy

Glasgow University rape survivor urges uni to introduce mandatory consent classes for freshers

Ellie Wilson was attacked by a fellow Glasgow Uni student

Just five reasons you should go to Elfingrove

Thinking of having a festive night out with your friends, family or partner?

What your library floor says about you

Have you ever wondered why you like one library level more than the other?

Glasgow Uni introduces Ask For Angela scheme in gym as 30 per cent say they feel unsafe

Students can now call the front desk from the gym’s emergency phones

Why GlasGLOW is a must-go this Autumn

Travel back in time at the best dinosaur-themed event in Glasgow’s beautiful botanics!

At least 70 Glasgow Uni students are currently homeless in the city

The university says it’s offering temporary emergency accommodation

Freshers’ Flu and how to deal with it

‘If you got Freshers’ Flu last week, then you’re doing something right’

Glasgow Uni emails students advising them to drop out if they haven’t found housing yet

‘It made me feel alienated and excluded’

The dos and don’ts of going to Glasgow Uni

I urge you to go to as many gaffs as you can now that Covid rules don’t exist

‘It gives the impression they don’t care’: Students impacted by Glasgow Uni’s housing crisis

Among the students impacted are those from Ukraine