The Glasgow way to get over a break-up

From my recent, on-going advice to yours

Can anyone else relate to the feeling of devastation and rejection when a partner you never thought would break-up with you decides to pull the chord? What’s even worse is when you don’t even totally understand why. You question why you ever got into the relationship in the first place and swear off ever getting into one again – it’s not worth the hurt and the tears.

Break-ups are hard. Really hard. I’m not even going to TRY and sugar coat it for you. I thought my boyfriend and I would be together forever – how cliché. However, whilst I’ve been going through it I’ve gained some advice I want to share with Tab readers.

My number one piece of advice… Friends. Friends will stick by you. Friends will ALWAYS be there for you. Sometimes, friends that will come to your aide will surprise you. So amidst the sadness and the tears listen to them and hug them and love them. Put all your time into them and soon you will even forget how important the relationship was to you.

Personal disasters help you realise who your true friends are


Now, how long have you been sitting sniffing/blowing your nose/crying tears that would fill the Clyde? Get outside. Get some fresh air. The trees are turning and now you’re changing into a better person too (or so some people say). If it’s raining even better! No one will know you’re crying – trust me. Kelvingrove Park is also stunning with all the autumnal colours so grab your pumpkin spiced latte and get outside.

The leaves are changing and so are you


Once you’ve taken a wee walk you might pass the library. A good idea is to to head inside. Grab your Pukka Pad and look at papers or assignments you need to do. Start small uni tasks which are easier. Being so productive will make you feel fantastic. The worst thing you can do is sit on your own and be sad, so use your alone time wisely.

Get yourself into the library

Focus on what is important

Keeping fit and healthy. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have found it really hard to eat whilst going through heartbreak. As your parents will tell you food is important, so eat SOMETHING. Preferably something healthy or provides long term energy. If you’re not up to a massive meal, even a few bits of fruit or maybe a salad for lunch. Continuing to eat will give you the strength and power that you need.

Another important point is to keep active. If you don’t want to do uni work then go for a run, do yoga or pilates, perhaps even go swimming (no one will see your tears). Just doing something that is productive will boost your mood and help you get that post break-up glow so your damaged self-esteem will repair.

Another linked to keeping fit, is learning to love yourself again. We all know you don’t need validation from others but it is so easy to get into the headspace of “well my boyfriend/girlfriend loves me and that’s all I need”. NO. STOP. SCRAP THAT. You are stronger than you think (or so I’m told).

Go to clubs and bars like Beer Bar and HIVE. Like it or loathe it you’re bound to forget about everything once you have a pint of fun in your hand! Just make sure you don’t text them (give your phone to a trusted friend who can also take some nice candids of you being happy). Glasgow has some of the most top quality nightlife in Scotland so take advantage of that.

Let’s get real for a final minute. Relationships can be great. They really can be. Your heart breaks when they end, trust me. But it’s really important to realise that things happen for a reason (and I know I need to take my own advice here). Sometimes the other person tells you things that hurt but these things WILL make you stronger. You will be happy again. And maybe, maybe at some point you’ll find love again.

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