Why GlasGLOW is a must-go this Autumn

Travel back in time at the best dinosaur-themed event in Glasgow’s beautiful botanics!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but amongst the over-excited children at GlasGLOW last night were a couple of 21-year-old women geeking over dinosaurs, fancy lights, and s’mores. We were pleasantly surprised over the experience as we travelled back in time with Glasgow’s best themed event of the year. With its mesmerizing lights, infamous Marshmallowland, GLOWbar, and street-food-village, the event lights up Glasgow’s West End both figuratively and literally.

It was so nice to see the joy on people’s faces (including our own) as we walked the path to the ‘Land that Time Forgot’. The event led us round the gardens and let us get our steps in before our stop to Marshmallowland. We got the vegan marshmallows with dinosaur-shaped biscuits and chocolate layers to roast at the cutest area lit up with fairy lights.

Depending on how many photos you take, trying not to trip over a toddler in the dark and how long it takes you to figure out how to make s’mores, the whole thing should take around an hour and a half. The staff are incredibly kind and act their part the whole way through and the vibe at this event is so wholesome!

Especially with the incoming gloomy weather, let this event make your night glow. It’s definitely a must-go when in Glasgow and it’s suitable for everyone, it’s romantic enough for a date-night, child-friendly for all families, and of course a great autumn night out with your friends. If you’re a student and weren’t fast enough to buy the early-bird tickets for £10 then perhaps £22 is a bit of a stretch… But at least now you know to be prepared for next year’s ticket release!

It’s overall a fun, wholesome, cute event and you do get your money’s worth (unlike the Van Gogh experience…sorry Van Gogh). You get to try delicious food, dinosaur-themed drinks and have so many artsy photo opportunities with your dinosaur s’mores. 10/10 would recommend!

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