A Halloween plot twist at Garage

I’m as surprised as you

It’s the spookiest time of the year. The year where you wake up in the morning with fake blood all over your bed and sh*t yourself it’s something else. Or the time of year where it’s possible to wake up with Shrek or the Easter Bunny in bed with you.

Like other Glasgow clubs, ‘The Garage’ has been hosting Halloween events over the weekend and on Monday. I was slightly hesitant after the low rating we’ve previously given Garage but decided to go ahead anyway – my friends and I would be too drunk to remember our life choices.

Preparing for an inevitable drunken night

The night started with pouring vodka into a water bottle (which we didn’t need) and then hitting the queue. We had, stupidly, forgot to pre-buy tickets and arrived for 10:30pm. To our delight the queue wasn’t too long and others hadn’t bought tickets either.

The staff were going around collecting people’s pre-bought tickets and directing them to another queue by the smoking area. It seemed really well organised and instructions were clear. You could tell that they were making sure that they didn’t pack the building too full of drunken 18-20-something year olds which was refreshing compared to other clubs.

The best lot to share a queue with

The queue actually went quite quickly. There weren’t many ‘queue jumpers’ and it didn’t start raining (all in all a good start to the evening).

We got to the front door and THEY CHECKED EVERYONE’S BAG. After last years spiking increases, and someone who’s been spiked herself, it was a relief seeing a club taking precautions like that. Cloakroom did however cost £2 per item but alas, everyone will be feeling the economic crunch.

For some reason, my friends and I stayed on the middle of the dance floor. It was busy but not packed.

The queues for the bar were long but that’s to be expected on Halloween weekend. They certainly had plenty of bar staff on (from what I could see). I will say though, drinks were EXPENSIVE… A round of three double vodka lemonades and three sourz came to £30!

The bar staff also made an effort which was a nice touch

All too soon the end of the night came. I will say that the bouncers did not let me back in to retrieve my friends jackets. (But let them in). I potentially wasn’t making sense and reeked of sweat and vodka so I can understand why.

Overall, ‘The Garage’ was a really fun night. It was well organised, they checked bags and despite being pricey for drinks we all had a good time. So hats off to Garage.

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