From Dobby to Julia Fox: our favourite costumes in Glasgow over Halloween weekend

TRICK OR TREAT yourself to a look at some great costumes

Now that Halloween is over for another year (insert sad face here) we wanted to do a roundup of our favourite costumes from some of our writers’ nights out and from the Instagrams of ghostly Glasgow locals. Like many young people, we hit the clubs and drank enough alcohol to fund a chemistry department.

Throughout Instagram and in The Garage we saw some scary, some funny, and some just downright incredible costumes that we wanted to share with you! Keep reading to see who made the cut and won our *highly* esteemed Halloweekend awards – congratulations to our winners, all we can offer you is bragging rights.

Best Low-Budget Costume


James (International Accountancy 2nd year), and Jemima (Anthropology at Queens University Belfast).

Best Cinematic Crossover

Harry Potter and the Wild, Wild West

Euan (Edinburgh Napier), and Michael (UofG graduate).

Cleverest Duo Costume

The Princess and the VIPea

Lauren (Human Biology graduate), and Hannah (International Relations and Social & Public Policy fourth year).

Most Gorgeous Couple in The Garage

No one needs to worry about bad guys with these two around

Caoimhe and Cammy.

Cutest Duo

Swapping Pooh’s ‘hunny’ for Hooch

Katie (Feminist Economics PhD), and Amy (Children’s Literature Masters).

Best Pop Culture Moment

Pam and Tommy take Glasgow

Molly and Isla (RCS Acting third year).

Most Iconic Duo

Bananas in Pyjamas?? Come on this is amazing

Kerri (Politics fourth year), and Kiera (Paramedic fourth year).

Cutest ‘Scary’ Costume

Chucky and Tiffany had our hearts this year

Lisha (Immunology second year), and Tatiana (Microbiology second year).

Cutest Couple’s Costume

Soap-ing to be this cool next year

Georgia and Andrew (Microbiology graduates).

Grooviest Group Costume

Groovy baby!

Katie (Mechanical Engineering), Abbey (International Relations), Niamh (Mechanical Engineering), and Meghan (Nursing).

Best 100% Uncoordinated Lot

A for effort, lads

Nathan, Ethan, and Lewis

The One That Your Dentist Will Love

We’d certainly leave teeth under our pillows if these beauties came

Morven, Isla, Eilidh,
Lucy, Yasmin, and Becca.

Interesting Trio Prize

The best lot to share a queue with

Caoimhe, Anna, and Eva.

Best Themed Costumes

Turning the club into Bikini Bottom

Logan (History of Art second year), Emma (Psychology second year), Kirsty (Psychology & Spanish second year), Lou (Optometry second year), and Molly (Optometry second year).

Friendliest Girls in the Loo – the Special ILY Award

Make all my dreams come true please

Kara, Shauna, and Lori.

Best Disney Co-ordination

Nicola, Sophie, Laura, Erin, Chloe, and Hannah.

Best WOW factor

Marshmellow – minus points because you can actually see his face.


Most Put Together Costume

Cue the Wandavision theme tune

Alison (Film and TV graduate).

Healthiest Costume

Bloody Bananas.


Most Elastictastic

Keeping with the super theme

Lynsey (Accountancy and Finance third year).

Most Effort for a Club

Where’s Woody though?


Least Prepared for Clubbing (Still Extremely Effective)

Ft Carrie



Giving Miles Teller a run for his money

Ella (German and Music first year).

Most Likely to Fire You

Oh he’s sweet but a psycho


Best Villain Costume

One of our favourites

Emily (Medicine fourth year).

Best Adaptation Costume

Channing Tatum would be proud

Abby (Maths first year).

Most Scary Non-Scary Costume


Holly (Masters student at Saint Leo Uni in Florida).

Most Likely to be a Muse

This is what will inspire Uncut Gems 2

Millie (MSc graduate).


A massive thank you to everyone who spoke to us/allowed us to include them in this article! You are all superstars!

We hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween and we will see you all next year – from everyone not in this article, step it up or step out… X

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