Aberdeen Uni hockey club calls Glasgow Caledonian a ‘special needs uni’ for cancelling game

The team also included a picture of a Little Britain character in a wheelchair

The University of Aberdeen Men’s Hockey Club called Glasgow Caledonian University a “special needs university” among other insults after its hockey club allegedly cancelled three different rearranged fixtures.

Ahead of their scheduled hockey match against each other last Wednesday, Aberdeen and GCU men’s hockey teams took to their socials to publicly bash one another in a back-and-forth Instagram story feud.

In a social media post the morning of the 26th, Aberdeen hockey club announced its lineup for the upcoming game between the universities whilst calling its competitor “Glasgow University and Strathclyde Uni rejects”.

Glasgow Caledonian Men’s hockey team then responded that Aberdeen was “giving it some chat” after Aberdeen had supposedly “cancelled the game” mere hours after posting the lineup.

In retort, Aberdeen called its rivals a “special needs university” for “cancelling three different rearrangements in one day last time we had a fixture”. This was apparently because Glasgow Caledonian “didn’t want the smoke”.

The text was accompanied by a picture of Andy from Little Britain in a wheelchair with a confused expression. The Glasgow Caledonian University logo was edited onto his shirt.

Finally, Glasgow Caledonian’s hockey club responded to the story with ‘get those hooks out your mouths”.

In a statement to The Glasgow Tab, Aberdeen University Men’s Hockey Club apologised “unreservedly” for the comments made by the club and said it was working with the SU and the university to “ensure this incident is dealt with appropriately”.

“We deeply regret the post that was made by our club. We are working with the Student Unions’ and the University to ensure this incident is dealt with appropriately. We apologise unreservedly for the offence caused and would like to reiterate that we are an inclusive club welcome to all.”


A University of Aberdeen spokesperson said:

“We have received a formal complaint regarding this incident and will be conducting an investigation under the University Code of Practice.

“The University is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and to the wellbeing of all our students and staff, and we strongly condemn the use of any offensive online content.

“We are working with our colleagues in AUSA in relation to this incident, and representatives of the University and of the Men’s Hockey Club will meet this week to discuss the issues raised, with a view to ensuring that such behaviour is not repeated.”


Adam Lambert, Students’ Union Vice President for Activities said:

“On behalf of the University of Aberdeen Men’s Hockey team I would like to apologise to anyone who saw this offensive content on social media. Sharing that post was inappropriate, discriminatory and has no place in our community. As a Students’ Union, we put equality, diversity, and inclusion as one of our pillars and any behaviour not in line with these focal points will be dealt with urgently. We will be communicating with our clubs and societies to reiterate our Code of Conduct to ensure that incidents like this don’t happen.”

Glasgow Caledonian University Men’s Hockey Club were also approached for comment.

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