It’s time to vote in round two of Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Two gorgeous guys to meet…

You all voted in round one of Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor… It’s now time to vote in round two! Scroll through to meet the guys, and don’t forget to cast your vote at the bottom!

Marco, Marketing, fourth year

How would your friends describe you?

Two words, elegant chaos.

What’s the perfect date?

I’d take you to Paesano (just to mention how I’m lactose intolerant but I love to live on the dangerous side), then an arcade because the only games I’m trying to play involve joy sticks, buttons and not with your heart. Finally, a sunset walk by the Clyde, that conveniently finishes at my penthouse city centre flat 😉

Biggest Celeb Crush?

All of the Spider-Man actors.

Finally, go-to drink order on the night, and hangover food in the morning?

After a night of double tequila lemonades, nothing hits the spot more than a double sausage McMuffin meal.

Gavin, Law, fourth year

How would your friends describe you?


What’s the perfect date?

A 6:45 tee time, followed by a massage in the clubhouse spa. Then a short walk along the West Sands with a cortado from my local barista. A few casual drinks before a romantic candlelit dinner at the Steak Barn. After this, we will take an evening walk in the summer sun along the promenade before a tender kiss in the moonlight to round the night off.

Biggest Celeb Crush?

Mo Salah.

Finally, your go-to drink order and hungover food?

Espresso Martini. Bacon super double, tater tots and a vanilla milkshake.

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