We spoke to a Ukrainian Strathclyde student impacted by the crisis

We’ve also included details of the next protest, today at 4pm

Last week we spoke to several Glasgow University students from Ukraine and Russia and we also covered the protests happening outside the Scottish Parliament. This week, we now speak to Ukrainian student Iryna who studies at Strathclyde.

Iryna says, “The situation in Ukraine is absolutely heartbreaking, the first few days of the war were practically impossible. I have my family there and getting the message saying, “we are getting bombed” and “I love you so much just don’t forget about us” is very painful to hear. I think Putin is a genuinely sick person – more mentally, he makes Russians believe that his “special operation” will save Ukraine. What he doesn’t understand was that he destroyed my home. My stepdad had to leave my Mum and my little sister at the border at Poland, they had to stand and wait for 16 hours and walk for 10km on foot to flee the country. They were hungry and cold.”



“Polish people were so welcoming and warming, I am incredibly grateful for them, it is absolutely heart destroying to know I have no home and the people I know may no longer be there. The Ukrainian president is incredibly brave which makes me hopeful, I just want this war to stop. Makes me believe in humanity when British people are organising all the donations and going there themselves to fight. I think I have cried straight for a week now. I genuinely hope Putin dies painfully and very soon, that man causes so much grief to the whole world.”

If keen to make a difference, attending a protest is a good idea. There is one being held today, Friday the 4th of March at 4pm outside Bristo Square in Edinburgh.

They also say they are looking for donations, saying:

“We will be accepting donations of aid for refugees, please do not be indifferent and bring some of the following:
– Blankets/Beddings
– Canned Food
– Baby Food and Clothing, – wet wipes and Diapers
– First Aid Kits – bandages/paracetamol/ibuprofen
– Personal Hygiene products
– Tents/Mattresses/Sleeping Bags
– Warm Clothing – gloves/ coats/ thermo clothes / rain coats
– Power Banks/ batteries and chargers”

If unable to make the one today, there is also a protest tomorrow, Saturday the 5th of March. Head to George Square in Glasgow for 12pm to protest.

We’ll also be making an article with ideas of how to help in other ways, look out for the article later today.

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