All Glasgow Uni students studying in Ukraine have returned home

We hear from Anton Muscatelli

The ever growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been flooding news stations around the globe. Today it was announced that Putin has sent troops into Ukraine and only a few hours ago it was reported that Russian forces have sent missiles on cities and military targets.

As many will know, Glasgow has students on a year abroad in Ukraine, as does The University of Edinburgh. Anton Muscatelli, the Principal and Vice Chancellor of The University of Glasgow, has sent out a statement saying that “the wellbeing and safety of our students is of the utmost importance”. He follows on to say that students from UofG studying in Ukraine have now safely left the country.

He also spoke of the year abroad students in Russia and has said that the university have been “supporting them to leave at the earliest opportunity”.

The statement continued to mention that the university wants to offer help and support to students and staff in Glasgow who are have links to Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the wider Eastern European region.

If you are impacted by the on-going conflict please do not hesitate to contact the support services at Glasgow University, such as counselling or your student support officer.