Every type of Glasgow Uni boys you’ll meet on campus

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The pandemic has made dating quite hard for students this year as it has been harder to meet up with new people. We’ve compiled a list of the Glasgow University boys that you’ll come across on campus and on various dating sites.

The engineers

Bless em, the engineers get SUCH a bad rep… But can you blame us? They spend most of their time with screws, so no wonder they’re desperate for a different type of screwing! However, I NEED to emphasise that there are MANY types of engineers.

I recommend you stay away from civil engineers, unless you want to be bored to death about trusses, abutments and be lectured about the Forth Road Bridge every time you cross it… Other engineering types are usually complete gentlemen and know how to treat a gal with respect – just stay away from civil engineers – sorry guys!

The rugby boys

This is a stereotype in all universities. These boys are known for being fit, leading girls on and not wanting anything serious. Most of them think they are God’s gift and the sun is always shining on them but there are the odd few that can be gentlemen so try and not tar them all with the same brush. My top tip… don’t give them what they want because they are so used to girls falling at their feet.

The computing science boys

These boys get a rep for being a bit odd, but they are actually really nice and will treat women like princesses. They’re great at coding so for any girls who cannot work RStudio or Python then they’ll definitely help you out! Most computing science boys are really ambitious and humble, like all groups there’s the odd “meh” one but all in all a lovely bunch.

The PhD student

Bit of a smart arse Tory who thinks he knows best. Still living off of mummy and daddy’s money and gives off vibes of being pretentious. Yes sir, you might be doing a PhD but that doesn’t give the excuse to be a stuck up prick.


Most BNOCs know how to handle fame. However, are you ready to face fellow peers outbursts on Glasknow and Glashoe?! Be prepared for a million questions from your friends, and randomers following you on social media. Most BNOC’s are quite down to earth and will probably know the best date spots in Glasgow.

The course crush

You’re scrolling through the dating app of your choice and come across your course crush. The boy you’ve been dreaming about since the start of the year over Zoom. The reason many of your lecture notes are unfinished. You swipe right, or maybe you’re bold enough to message him yourself… The biggest risk here is the potential awkwardness if it doesn’t work out, especially if you have a few years left of uni to go (if you’re in your final year then shoot your shot, in my opinion).

If you still have time to go it may be the sweetest experience so far, revising in the library together, mocking people in HIVE together, having your Pints of Fun paid for… Being in the same course as you means that you have similar interests and lots to talk about too. Just approach with caution but remember: you never know unless you try!

There are so many other guys at Glasgow Uni that you can come across so these are only the few we cherry picked for you! Also, if you’re just recently single don’t go and jump into something straight away, there’s so many fun things you can do with your friends too. Boys are not the be all and end all but sometimes it’s nice to do fun things with someone new too… Who knows where it could lead?

The Strath Boy

Matching with a boy from Strath may seem like a good idea at the time. You get to talk about something other than Glasgow Uni, however you can also flex how great it is… Strath boys (in general) are a league of their own, slightly less indie than the typical Glasgow Uni boy but they’ll always call you a tory or that you’re posh just because you like to spend your time revising in the cloisters with your ‘Pret’ coffee – how presumptuous!

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