How to get over a breakup at Uni during lockdown

It might not be easy, but it is possible

It doesn’t matter who ended it and why, or whether it was amicable or messy, breakups are hard. With the extra pressure of a global pandemic and Lockdown it might be harder to get that one person out of your head. How can students get over someone when so much is going on?

Typical suggestions to get over a breakup include getting yourself out there and meeting new people, but these aren’t possible under the current circumstances. The Glasgow Tab has compiled a few  Covid friendly top tips that can help you get over your break up.

Delete them from your life

The first step to getting over them is deleting them from your social media and their phone. It can be so easy to want to check up on them on Instagram and see what they are doing, but this is just going to make getting over them worse. You might want to flex to them that your life is so much better off without them, but what good is that doing to do? Focus on yourself.

Your life will be a lot easier without a reminder of them!

Avoid a rebound

In the past, you might have gone out with your mates and pulled a few randoms in a club, but now all you can really do is download Tinder and other dating apps, but we recommend that you refrain from doing this straight away. You might get a short term ego boost when you match with someone, but getting validation from strangers that you never intend on meeting anyway is not going to help you from getting over someone. Using dating apps can be great, but just make to wait until you feel truly ready to meet new people.

Having fun with friends is a MUCH better use of your time

Drink responsibly

It is definitely tempting to knock back a few glasses to get over the heartbreak, but this might not be the best approach. Sitting and drinking with your flatmates may be exactly what you need, just make sure you’re not becoming reliant on it. You won’t be able to go out properly until June, so instead opt for a cosy evening in with watching a film, with your flatmates.

Having fun with friends is a MUCH better use of your time than going on a dating app!

Spend time with your pals

If anything, this break-up will teach you who has your back. Think about your friends and flatmates that will be there for you for your 2am crying sessions, and when you need to get drunk and sing sad songs at the top of your lungs. Try and spend as much time with these people as possible, as being alone can be tough.

Having a sing song REALLY helps!

Hiking with flatmates (within your local area) is a great way to put your mind to other things

Learn to love yourself

This is the hardest one. For the duration of your relationship you’ve had someone telling you how much they love you, and how amazing you are! Now, they’re gone, and you suddenly wonder if you’re no longer this amazing, loveable person because they’ve left you? You need to remember the reasons why you love yourself. Remember what makes you happy, is it listening to music, a sport, a new hobby? Whatever you decide to do, use that spare time and energy to do something productive for YOU!

Maybe take up a new sport like weightlifting?

Things are going to be tough. Getting over your break up is going to take time, and there’s no guarantee that you will never think about them again. Just take things slow and don’t rush into anything, focus on yourself. You’ve got this!

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