Here are the best pictures from the COP26 Friday March

Did you take part?

A historic event happening right at the doorstep to the University of Glasgow? With Greta Thunberg? Of course we were going to attend!

The march started at Kelvingrove Park and finished at George Square. It attracted those not just from Glasgow but from as far a field as Chile and the Philippines. As well as there being thousands of protestors, there were also journalists from around the world taking photographs and conducting interviews.

The Tab Glasgow snapped some of our favourite photos from the event… Scroll through to see them!

Protestors of all ages took to the streets

Various politicians… Clearly in trouble 

Photographers trying to get the best shot

Protestors passed some of the most picturesque buildings in Glasgow 

Extinction Rebellion at Kelvingrove Park

Music to march to

Those in tenements got the coolest view 

Creative campaigning 


Medical students

Memorable signs

And the view from above…

This is just the first article on the COP26 march… We have more photos and interviews coming soon!

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