We speak to the Glasgow Uni students who are volunteering at COP26

Will they meet any world leaders at the event?


We’re very lucky that the UN Climate Conference COP26 is happening right at our doorstep. We speak to the students hoping to volunteer at the conference about their expectations of the historic event.

Linnea, second year, sociology 

“I’ll be working with the transits with the buses so not sure how much involvement I’ll have around the actual events and the conference. It’s a very big event and I’m just really really thankful to be taking part. Following Earth Overshoot Day, I am hopeful that delegates will come up with a successful and feasible plan to combat climate change. I find the current extreme weather all over the world a little scary! It feels exciting and important that I play my part and volunteer at COP26. I think everyone should get involved in the capacity they can!”

Shona, fourth year, linguistics

“I am really excited for COP26. As a young person it’s easy to feel powerless and hopeless in the face of climate change. Individual efforts often don’t change much in the face of huge industry waste and pollution, but I hope that COP26 will be a real opportunity for change, for recognition that we are running out of time to save our planet, and for us to put aside profits in favour of global action. I think my job won’t necessarily be very exciting, telling people which way to the SECC and the train station, but I look forward to being part of something big like this.”

Marta, fourth year, marine and freshwater biology

“My expectations are that the governments of the world actually get their shit together and make some proper changes to help stop climate change if I’m being honest.”

Katja, fourth year, politics

“I’ve recently accepted my role as a Shuttle Bus Hub Team Member. Expectations-wise, I’m firstly hoping that the conference will be run with COVID safety in mind and adhering to the regulations necessary to keep the delegates as well as us volunteers as safe as possible. Other than that, I’m excited to meet people from all around the world and hopefully make use of my language skills, as well as get to know the other volunteers in my group! Also, I imagine the free COP26 swag is going to be great.”

We can’t wait for the excitement of COP26 to begin!

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