Greta Thunberg was spotted in Govan

She was filmed singing along to a COP26 themed version of a popular song

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was spotted alongside a crowd of demonstrators in Festival Park in Govan earlier today. The eighteen year old was seen singing, “you can shove your climate crisis up your a**e” in a video which was circulated widely on Twitter, gaining over 23K likes in just a few hours.

Thunberg, who arrived in Glasgow by train on Sunday evening, was joined in Festival Park by a number of other activists from the organisation “Fridays for Future”.

She was met with an enthusiastic response by Glaswegians, who can be seen singing along and dancing in the video. Twitter users were quick to react to the footage. “People make Glasgow” responded one user. “Protect her at all costs” commented another. Thunberg herself responded to the footage, quoting the original video with “when in Scotland…”.

Thunberg, who is expected to make further appearances at protests across the city later this week, also took the opportunity to call for further action on climate change, stating that politicians attending COP26 are “pretending to take our future seriously”.

She went on to state that “the anger and impatience of the world will be uncontainable unless we make this COP26 in Glasgow the moment when we get real about climate change”. She also expressed the need for clarity and action when it comes to climate change, stating that there should be “no more blah, blah, blah” when it comes to the issue.

We hope Greta enjoys the rest of her stay in Glasgow, and we wish her the best for the rest of the conference.