Six pictures you need to see of Bernie Sanders as a Glasgow Uni student

Bernie loves getting a pint of fun at GUU

When Joe Biden was sworn in as president two days ago, an iconic picture of Bernie Sanders sitting down in his mask and mittens at the inauguration appeared and since then a number of memes have been created in which people have edited in the picture of Bernie at different backgrounds. We’ve put together the best pictures of Biden at the typical Glasgow Uni hotspots that we think you will enjoy.

Bernie in the cloisters

Credit – @uofglasgow on Instagram

Bernie waiting to get into GUU for a pint of fun

I think he would be a yellow pint of fun guy

Bernie getting cheesy chips at BBQ Kings

Bernie on his way to a lecture in the Main Building

Bernie getting a few cocktails at Vodka Wodka

Bernie on his way to do his assignment in the library