Glasgow Uni students to run 100km each for Movember

‘The Tash Dash’ will see three lads run 300km between them for charity

Three Glasgow Uni medicine students are preparing to run from Scotstoun Stadium in the West End of Glasgow to the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh (100km each) to raise funds for Movember.

This is an annual fundraising event occurring throughout the month of November, aiming to raise funds and awareness of male health issues.

The three lads; Pri Antonyrajan, Rory Anderson and Angus Reynolds met on their medicine course and bonded playing rugby for Medchir RFC.

Credit @thetashdash On Instagram

The boys inspiration to create ‘The Tash dash’ came from when they decided do an impromptu run for last years Movember, running 66km from Glasgow to Livingston, and they wanted to up their game this year.

Speaking to the Glasgow Tab,  the boys said: “It is important to kick the stigma around men’s mental health whilst also raising awareness of Movember’s support for physical health such as testicular and prostate cancer.

“It is very common for men to put on a ‘brave face’ and get on with their problems without sharing them – we feel that this is detrimental both to mental and physical health.

“Movember has never been more relevant than this year – in light of Covid-19 many people’s mental health has taken a massive hit. We believe that being able to raise awareness of this and get people talking about mental health would bring us a massive amount of satisfaction and reinforce that our ‘Tash Dash’ has been a positive challenge.”

Alongside their intense training of three runs per week with strength and conditioning gym sessions, the boys are also growing moustaches. This may come easy to Pri as he was previously the winner of The Glasgow Tab’s ‘Mo of the Year’ award in 2019.

At the present moment, ‘The Tash Dash’ donation total stands at an incredible £970.00! The boys would like to thank the amazing support from everyone who has donated, Medchir RFC and their friend Daniel Petrie who has been running ‘The Tash Dash’ social media pages.

If you wish to support the boys on their 100km run for Movember, you can like/share their social media pages ‘The Tash Dash’ on Facebook and @thetashdash on Instagram. As well as, donating through their Movember fundraising page.

We would like to wish Pri, Rory and Angus the very best of luck in this amazing endeavour and can’t wait to hear how it goes on the 28th.

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