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Glasgow students might end up sitting exams online if coronavirus gets worse

End-of-year assessments are being reviewed

University of Glasgow students may have to sit “home exams” for the assessment diet in April and May due to the increasing threat of the coronavirus.

Lectures and seminars are currently still going ahead as planned, but the University has decided that “all field trips, both domestic and international, will be cancelled or postponed until further notice in order to prioritise contingency preparations.”

Internal Communications sent an email to all students on Thursday morning stating the University’s response to COVID-19:

The email also states that the university is not encouraging international students to return home and “will do everything we can to continue to support international students who return home through the remainder of the academic year.”

There has however been no clarification over what a ‘take-home exam’ entails or when they will be scheduled.

Glasgow University is yet to update students about whether end-of-year exams and graduations will be going ahead or not, and have so far expressed no desire to close the uni.

Details are yet to be finalised and the department promises an update tomorrow.