Glasgow Uni is getting its very own Dog Society

And the launch night is coming up soon!

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Everybody loves dogs: it's just a fact of life. So, it's funny to think that before now, Glasgow Uni hasn't had a dog society at all.

Well pup-lovers and labr-adores you must not fear, as a society dedicated to all things canine-kind is set to launch on the 20th February.

The launch night will be held at Finsbay Flatiron on Woodlands Road at 6:30pm.

Glasgow + Dogs, name a more iconic duo

Christopher Dunn, who, alongside his friend Toni, founded the society said: "The plan of the society is for socialisation of dogs and their owners", adding "we plan to to make use of the West End's dog friendly pubs as well as organising dog walks and meets."

They also hope to run fundraising events to raise money and there is a night out on the horizon "where we’re going to have a dog night club experience."

The idea for the society all started when Chris and Toni were amazed at all the people they knew with dogs at Uni, joking that they should start a society. "Then, after researching to see there wasn’t already a society we decided to set one up", they said.

So if you own a dog, love dogs or just want a fun, new society to join – then look no further, Dog Society is here!