Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson

‘The Medusa Review’ has been disaffiliated after publishing a graphic rape story

The SRC announced its disaffiliation with ‘immediate effect’

Why Nando’s coming to the West End is the best thing since the Moon Landing

Sure space is cool but can you get peri-salted chips in space? I think not….

Glasgow Uni is getting its very own Dog Society

And the launch night is coming up soon!

Glasgow Uni students plan to occupy the Beer Bar in support of staff strikes

The strikes are due to start in just a few weeks

Glasgow Uni has a society dedicated to hummus

And it’s an absolute treat

Tennent’s are offering to clean your Glasgow and Edinburgh flats for FREE

Scotland’s favourite lager just changed the game

Glasgow place in UK top 10 in latest world uni rankings

And we’re the 80th best in the world…

This is who you should vote for in the General Election tomorrow according to your Glasgow uni halls

QM is sooooo Tory

Why Canterbury is the most underrated city in the UK

Chemistry is the best club in the land

What you’ll be like after you graduate from Glasgow

You’ll be an arrogant, M&S-wearing, bird-watching gardener who drives a Hyundai and plays Angry Birds, apparently

Glasgow’s Harry Potter festival has been CANCELLED

Put away your broomsticks because you won’t be getting a Butterbeer this summer…

Firefighters called to Ashoka on Ashton Lane to put out blaze

The fire broke out this afternoon

Murano Street halls: Long live the true king of student accommodation

We love to hate it