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Glasgow Student Dance Company are putting on the show to end all shows

We spoke to committee member Fiona Morris to find out more

The annual Glasgow Student Dance Company show has long been considered an unmissable event in many a Glasgow Uni student's calendar.

Fans who go along to watch and support end up returning year after year, which is why this year's 14th annual show is set to be the biggest and best yet.

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Some images of last year's hugely successful show

This year's GSDC extravaganza will take place on the 23rd and 24th of February, and is not to be missed. The society is one of the biggest on campus, with over 170 members across all year groups. They've been preparing and training for this moment since Freshers' Week – a task which is not to be taken lightly as the choreography, sales and organisation of the show are entirely run by current university students.

This year's show is called 'ConfiDance,' a name which the committee tells us is in honour of "all of our company's diverse and passionate members and the hard work they've put in throughout the year." The name also represents the confidence and enjoyment the dancers express through their onstage performance. The show will reportedly incorporate elements of jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap, hip hop, Bollywood, belly dancing, Latin, Fosse, musical theatre, heels, lyrical and commercial dancing.

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Get a girl who can do both x

Some of the dancing teams involved in ConfiDance will continue on to compete in tap, hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance competitions held in Edinburgh and Sheffield. The standard is high and we wish all Glasgow Uni competitors the best of luck.

The show will run on Friday 23rd February at 7pm and Saturday 24th February at 2pm and 7pm at the Mitchell Library and Theatre. Tickets cost £10 per adult and £8 per student and can be purchased here. GSDC are also running a temporary special promotion where two tickets can be ordered for £10. For more information you can visit the ConfiDance Facebook event here.