The library revolving door is CLOSED

We didn’t see that one coming

Just a couple of months after the library refurb was revealed, the revolving door is already closed.

This is just great

This is just great

Students are instead having to enter through the side door, and there is currently a queue to get in. Talk about inconvenient.

Many students have been asking why the revolving door is actually in place, as it continually holds students up and causes massive queues during the daily library rush.

It’s yet unclear why the door has been closed, but we can readily assume that it is due to a maintenance issue.

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise for some students who find the door slow, claustrophobic and downright impractical. Almost all of us have experienced the door stopping mid-revolve.

Third-year student Ella said: “The door literally never works. I’m confused as to why they didn’t just build a proper door in the first place.”