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Why everyone in Glasgow is talking about Edinburgh’s Fly Festival?

The line up has just been announced and I have FOMO already

Everything you need to know about Edinburgh’s FLY Festival

Red Stripe, techno and a castle backdrop

‘Young people have been ignored by politics for too long’: A sit down with Jeremy Corbyn

Here he is

Nuclear warfare, Scottish Independence and Buckfast: A few minutes with Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow

He’s never tried a deep fried Mars Bar

‘An avalanche of people started to run’: We spoke to Aamer Anwar about the Barcelona terror attack

Glasgow Uni’s Rector was seconds away from where the van rammed into the crowd

Just when you thought Love Island couldn’t get any better, they made a drinking game out of it

Three Glasgow third years made it, and yes they’re all boys

The best pictures from Glasgow’s March for Independence today

Around 17,000 marched from Kelvingrove to Glasgow Green

Inside Student Fight Night Glasgow 2017

In case you missed out

The best restaurants in Glasgow to book for graduation

Gotta please the parents

Student Fight Night 2017: Meet Glasgow’s fighters

Up close and personal and all of your questions answered

GUWHC 1XI bagged second place in the Scottish Plate final

And they’ve made history by finishing in their highest league position ever

SNEAK PEEK: Glasgow’s Vets strip off for annual charity calendar

They braved the gruelling outdoor weather to bring you this treat

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette: the WINNERS

There was no beating these two

GUCFS want you to decide the next charity they will support

Fill out this form to have your say

Leaked designs show major doors on Glasgow campus replaced with revolving ones

The designs are identical to the library door

GUCFS raised a massive £15k for charity this year

A fantastic sum

‘I went to Subclub every Saturday night’: Exclusive interview with Aamer Anwar about his time at Glasgow

Including never-before-seen pictures of his time at university

GURFC 1XV just won against Edinburgh 1XV in the BUCS trophy final

They won 39-10

Meet the Glasgow students who dress up as boobs around our campus

They’re raising awareness for Coppafeel

There are literally going to be ALPACAS at Glasgow Uni on Thursday

Is this real life?

Some UoG students have made an ironic Instagram account for really average food

One of the pics is of a cup-a-soup

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

Who’s it going to be?

GURFC 1XV just made history

A monumental win over Aberdeen 1XV

Glasgow Vet School’s ‘Feel Good Feb’ was an absolute success

It was held to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the profession

Things you wish someone had told you before you started at Glasgow Uni

You’re probably the only person who didn’t play sport at a county level

Who would you choose to be the University of Glasgow’s new rector?

Students keep nominating weird people

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: The FINAL

The moment you’ve all been waiting for

We spoke to Glasgow second year running Student Fight Night Glasgow

And you could be a fighter too

Inside the Glasgow University Charity Show 2017

It was a roaring success

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: SEMI FINALS

Ding ding ding

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: SEMI FINALS

It’s time

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: Round four

We’re nearing the final

These Glasgow third years made a flat Instagram account and it’s hilarious

The ultimate flat goals

Bedrocks is a tragic hometown club, but it’s our tragic hometown club

It’s carpeted for goodness sake

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: Round three

They just keep on coming

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: Round three

It’s hotting up

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: Round two

More great gals

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: Round two

Ding ding

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: Round one

Here come the girls

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor: Round one

A strong first round

Glaswegian anti-Trump signs yesterday were just pure genius

Here’s the best ones

Glasgow postgrad denied access into the US following Trump’s Muslim ban

A fundraising appeal has already hit £6k

Music lovers rejoice: New Glasgow Green summer festival has just been unveiled

It’s called TRNSMT festival

Glasgow pizza place Paesano named UK’s number one

Another reason we love Glasgow

We’re looking for Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Could it be you or your friend?

Glasgow are running ‘pioneering’ sexual violence prevention workshops this week

Anyone is welcome to sign up

Key scenes in the new Avengers movie will be filmed in Glasgow

The movie will also be shot in Edinburgh and the Highlands

Meet the fourth years behind Glasgow Uni’s Kitten Heel Society

A unique idea

Cascada is coming to Glasgow and everyone is going mental

Throwback much

Strathclyde’s SU have banned a Pro-Life group

It violates the university’s policy on safe spaces

What’s happened to the fancy dress shop on Great Western Road?

The haven of all fancy dress shops appears to be closed

There will be no T in the Park next year

It’s been confirmed by organisers

VOTE: What’s the best thing about Glasgow Uni?

Surely it’s Rajous

This personal trainer claims you can go out and still have a six pack

‘The Session Plan’ is a fitness plan tailored specifically to young people

Behind the scenes: Glasgow teams bare all for charity naked calendar

All proceeds go to Anthony Nolan

Meet the brave Glasgow students living off just £1 a day for charity

They’ll experience what it’s like to live in poverty

What it will be like inside the coolest student accommodation in Glasgow

The landlords even host parties for residents

Things I’ve seriously heard Glasgow students say

Is this real life?

The library revolving door is CLOSED

We didn’t see that one coming

The jobs most likely to get you a match on Tinder

Unsurprisingly being a lawyer will work for you

Glasgow grad to be extradited to US for hacking the FBI, NASA and the army

Lauri Love is accused of doing ‘millions of dollars’ worth of damage

Nineteen-year-old’s ear bitten off during Glasgow nightclub fight

Two men were admitted to hospital

EXCLUSIVE: Glasgow Uni carried out 49,000 procedures on animals last year

Large numbers

Stop what you’re doing. Pret is opening on Byres Road

Hold on a sec

In a world falling to pieces, Scotland is lucky to have Nicola Sturgeon

One of the few caring and compassionate leaders

Meet the Glasgow third-year who runs his own app

Students can use it to buy and sell textbooks

Glasgow second-years owned Halloween with group Tennent’s costume

A homage to Scotland’s favourite pint

A new gin bar just opened on Byres Road

Good news for gin lovers

Daft Friday tickets have sold out already

The tickets sold out in just over 24 hours

Inside the ‘exclusive’ party on Byres Road last night

The Tab Glasgow went down to investigate

The Daft Friday queue is ‘absolutely mental’

The 500 early bird tickets are nearly sold out already

Glasgow third-year went as Dragon Soop for Halloween


A second year’s car was stolen while she was on a night out

It was taken from the Finnieston area

Confused gran writes post on Viper’s event wall instead of her granddaughter’s

What a cutie

It’s time we talked about how good Bread Meats Bread is

Literal burger heaven

Every person you’ll see at Halloween Hive tonight

That’s a lot of Harley Quinns

Young woman attacked on Kelvin Way

Her phone was stolen in the attack

Glasgow’s GHK rugby club to strip naked for calendar

Get an eyeful of this

VOTE: Which Glasgow halls are the loosest?

Can anywhere beat Murano?

Glasgow second-year flat broken into after house party

They stole laptops, purses and money while someone slept

There’s currently a gigantic queue to get into the uni library

This is not on

Glasgow third-year accidentally charged £60,000 for one portion of cheesy chips

Thankfully her card declined

Meet the GUCFS 2016 committee

They’re trying to tackle the stigma around mental health

We thought of excuses for missing your Glasgow tutorials so you don’t have to

The Boyd Orr is a million miles away though

New Glasgow reality TV show set to air next month

The cast range from a club promoter to a nurse

Glasgow beats Edinburgh in Times Good University Guide

We’re now the third best uni in Scotland

This is what the Glasgow Library refurb looks like

Let’s be honest, it’s week one and you haven’t been yet

Every reason why Glasgow deserves to be ranked one of the best universities in the world

We study at Hogwarts for God’s sake

Microbeads: What they are and how they’re ruining the environment

They can even end up in your food

I spent my summer working as a tractor driver

An older man saw a me – a girl – driving the tractor and nearly passed out

Glasgow students set to skydive for charity

They’ll be jumping from 10,000 feet

Glasgow comes 26th in Guardian uni rankings

We were second for Nursing and Midwifery

Viper is set to close

Next week is the last Viper Wednesday

There’s been another fire at Glasgow School of Art

The blaze broke out at around 7.50pm last night

Americans who wanted to ‘save’ Glasgow give up after backlash from Scots

The teens’ Go Fund Me page has been taken down

Exams are the worst way to test intelligence

As Eminem once said: ‘You only get one shot.’

Life being tall at Glasgow University

You can spot a free computer in the uni library from a mile away

Glasgow to host 420 mini-festival


Forever 21 to shut Buchanan Street store

Around 200 jobs will be lost

Plans set out to charge Scottish students £6,000 for university degree

It would be £1,500 per year for a four year course

How to prepare for your parents’ visit to Glasgow

This is crucial