Glasgow City Council: Light up Kelvin Way and install CCTV to keep us safe

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Kelvin Way, the street home to one the best parks in Glasgow and a place I associate with relaxation and tranquillity. During the day, the street bustles with life and ultimately feels safe. However, at night when the street lamps dimly light our way back home, Kelvin Way becomes a street full of “what ifs”.

Please sign this petition and help us make Kelvin Way safer.

A year after Aileen Booth’s post on the lack of CCTV along this walkway comes another horror that alerts us to the dark events that Kelvin Way hides while we sleep.

From sexual assault to most recently a young woman being attacked, the lack of CCTV is a growing concern for many. It is not only putting Glasgow’s students at risk but the entirety of the West End community.

Last year, Karen Buckley was “beaten with a spanner” and strangled by Pacteau in his car on Kelvin Way.

We want to walk around Glasgow and feel safe.

The increase in CCTV would benefit not only those that walk the street at night but also during the day. This busy road when placed next to one of the busiest parks in Glasgow causes some concern. Without CCTV any number of crimes can go unsolved due to lack of evidence. At least with the additional cameras we may be able to gain better descriptions of those who haunt the street.

The Tab Glasgow has decided to take action to bring this concern to light and hopefully create a safer environment around university.

We aim to gain as many signatures as possible and to talk to our local MP, Carol Monaghan, about this problem.

Anyone with information about Sunday’s attack to contact officers based in Govan by calling 101.