Behind the scenes at this year’s fashion show auditions

GUCFS are already prepping for February’s big show

When you think of a fashion show, you probably picture a Chanel runway, complete with cool, observant A-listers in the front row. The annual Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show – this year named Unleashed 2016 – is much more impressive than this stereotype though.

Guests turn up to the show in February, which donates all its profits to the Teenage Cancer Trust, to enjoy a whirlwind night of glamour, fashion and a famous after-party. What they don’t realise is the amount of planning which goes into the show. It’s a feat of organisation which runs from September (fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust begins then) until as late as May the following year.

The masterminds behind the show are the GUCFS committee. They’re a professional platform which essentially run themselves like a business. The committee is made up of students who work in different departments. These include the creative section, marketing, production, and various finance and fundraising departments. There’s also the model management team, who cast the models and hold several meetings before the show to make sure they’ve perfected their catwalk and look. It’s all very professional, as the Tab found out when we attended the annual casting.

The GUCFS Committee are a dream.

The GUCFS Committee are a dream

Models have to fill out a form with their details and are then called into a private room one-by-one for a short interview and some headshots. However, don’t assume the models must possess a Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner look to make the cut: the committee stress models are hand-picked to “represent the student body”. We’re told they’re always down-to-earth and don’t take themselves too seriously – perhaps one of the reasons why the show always works so well.

The lovely panel chatting to one of the girls

The lovely panel chatting to one of the girls

We spoke to Kristen Don, head of the GUCFS committee, to try and obtain some insight into the world of fashion at Glasgow Uni.

Kristen said: “Managing a team of people can be tough but I absolutely love bringing out the talent in people and uncovering hidden skills.”

“I’m very excited about the organising that leads up to the main show. It’s a creative process. I love seeing people learning and transferring new skills, and project management and fundraising are very rewarding.

Making our bid for a place on the catwalk

Making our bid for a place on the catwalk

Another hopeful gets a quizzing from the committee

Another hopeful gets a quizzing from the committee

“I don’t see it as a stress, it’s a passion, a drive. There are nights where I think ‘what am I doing? I’m in fourth year!’, but it’s so worth it.

“The main point about the show is to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and GUCFS want to ensure this money is given to local hospitals to help people in the Glasgow area – as a lot of fundraising often goes to hospitals down in London.

“When I first started to explore the charity, it gave me chills, and because of a story close to my heart, I want to raise as much as we can for this amazing charity.

“I’m also excited about experiencing the build-up to the finale of the show, the feeling of pride when you hear the audience screaming and clapping for what the committee has achieved is an amazing feeling.”

One girl getting her headshot

One girl having her headshot taken

GUCFS features designers from Glasgow, as well as models and musicians from the university.

Kristen said: “The committee likes to feature clothes which are locally sourced from Glasgow and nearby areas to showcase the talent of the city. It’s also about making fashion and the runway accessible to people who would otherwise never go to a fashion show.”

Can we be models yet?

Can we be models yet?

Although the main event isn’t until February, there will be a launch event sometime before Christmas and other GUCFS mini events such as socials which are held every week. The schedule for the actual night is unmissable, beginning with the VIP Event, followed by the Unleashed show and ending with a bang with the legendary After-Party.

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