Aileen Booth

My friend needs you to become a bone marrow donor

All you have to do is spit in to a cup

Glasgow vets bare all for charity

They all look excellent in the buff.

I’m a gluten intolerant veggie with a nut allergy and it sucks

It was worse when I was vegan…

In defence of GUSA Ball

It’s the best night of the year

Why Medics are the fittest people on campus

Doctor, can you see me now

Meet the teams: Lacrosse

Sweet dreams my LAX

Glasgow needs consent classes

I don’t care who you are, they’re necessary

I spent an afternoon trying to be a GU rugby lad

Apparently I need to bulk up

Glasgow isn’t doing enough to stop sexual assaults, so now it’s up to us

We all need to look out for each other

Worst jobs you can have during uni

Stop rinsing the bank of mum and dad

Glasgow named best uni in the UK for snowsports

GUSSC represent

How to trick people into thinking you come from money

It’s the quickest way to make loads of friends

Worst places to take a first date in Glasgow

Don’t be one of ‘those couples’ sat in Ketchup

They tried to ban me from the library for stealing two sheets of PAPER

‘The paper wasn’t even for me. I was getting it for my friend’

Can you tell who went on a gap year just by looking at them?