‘I had many a fun night in Glasgow’: Our city’s a hit with Jamie Dornan

Imagine meeting him in Garage

Man of the moment Jamie Dornan has spoke of his love for Glasgow and its nightlife.

Speaking to Scotland now the Northern Irish stud recalls his student days in Glasgow saying: “It’s been a while now, probably about ten years ago, but we’d go to The Garage.

“I’d love to come back to Scotland.

“Because of the Celtic roots, we’re not far away and we share some similarities – socially, on the drink.”

The 32-year-old star of Fifty Shades of Grey revealed: “I’ve done my time in Scotland. I spent a lot of time here with student friends.

“They were all in Glasgow so I had many a fun night in Glasgow.”

Jamie’s been making ladies accross the globe hot under the collar playing kinky millionaire Christian Grey.

But the heart throb isn’t as confident in real life as his character saying: “I doubt I was a hit with the Scottish ladies.”

Somehow we’re not convinced.