College students celebrate Burns with rubbish collage

It took them 10 weeks

A sweet herd of Glasgow College students have unveiled an irn-believable collage of the Robert Burns in time for the annual piss-up.

And the interesting thing about this piece is that it is crafted from Irn-Bru and Tunnock’s Tea cakes wrappers.


On display outside the Scottish Parliament, the inspired teens clearly took the Commonwealth Opening Ceremony to heart.

11 students from world famous Glasgow Clyde College attended an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament to reveal their finished collage of the famous Scots bard.

Salmond will no doubt have a tear in his eye, if only this effort had been on display three months prior.


The PHENOMENAL effort took 10 weeks to complete, which begs the question, who donated the recycled materials?

The only way this could have been made more Scottish is if Fat Boab had valiantly stepped up to the plate, no doubt generating that amount of recyclables in a day or so.

Mark Lawrence, 18, from Glasgow, helped create the portrait with the help of his classmates.


He said: “I am very proud of it. We used all the labels and all the Scottish stuff to make it. “Eleven of us helped to make it and we all did different bits.”Class rep, Ruairi Hawthorne, 18, from Glasgow said he was “chuffed” to see the finished product.

He said: “It’s one of those things that sounds easy but it was ridiculously frustrating because it was super repetitive to fiddle about with.

“Overall I am very pleased with it.”

The portrait also includes red rose petals, used to symbolise the song, “A Red, Red Rose” written by Robert Burns in 1794 .

Och aye, the bloody, noo.