My hamster escaped and then walked into a pub 10 days later

This actually happened


An incredible escaping hamster has been returned to it’s owners after walking into a pub last Thursday night.

January – who is thoughfully named after “a really shite, complicated story that no one wants to hear” was returned to  Glasgow Uni students Jack Ryden and Tam Graham after strolling into a bar on Great Western Road.

Jack told the Tab that January “has always been pretty adventurous”.

“He’s been missing for longer. He probably just visited old friends, hung about, did what he had to do.

“Rumours are flying about that he hung about with a rogue gang of rats.”

The pair decided to let January loose in their flat on Barrington Drive after they got fed up with his escapades:

“We just let him roam free and comes back to his cage when he fancies.”

The responsible owners

It’s thought January escaped for the first time around Halloween: “It was only when our pals told us that someone had come into their flat the night before saying they’d found him on the street that we realised January wasn’t just kicking about the flat.”

Around 10 days passed and by some miracle January was found in the street by a stranger who handed him to a couple of passing students who happened to be friends with Tam and Jack. Ah, the benefits of being a BNOC.

But before the pair could go round to collect their pesky pet, January pulled his same escaping trick and chewed his way through the box.

The adventurous hamster then made it to Great Western Road before ending up in Munro’s four days later.

Bar supervisor Anna was on shift when the hamster literally walked into the bar.

Anna posted on social media about finding January after a colleague thought he was a rat.

Jack added: “If January was consorting with a gang of rats, he’s only got himself to blame if he gets mistaken for one.”

Jack and Tam are delighted to be reunited with their very own Houdini and don’t plan on changing their care methods any time soon:

“He’s a changed Hamster though, there’s a nostalgic sadness in his eyes that never used to be there. As if he’s realising that his days of adventure are behind him.”

“In terms of bad habits, I haven’t caught him picking his nose or anything like that.”

“January’s just a hamster, I think people sometime’s forget that.”