We love a selfie

Glasgow voted top selfie-taking city in Scotland

According to a survey Glasgwegians are the top selfie takers in Scotland.

Of course we are.

The poll found that of the people they surveyed, 67 per cent of people take selfies regularly.

Across Britain, Glasgow was beaten only by Liverpool with 78 per cent of people asked admitting to snapping a pic of themselves daily.

The selfie’s strong in this one

Not surprisingly, in the scintillating city of Edinburgh only 10 per cent of people said they regularly took selfies.

Weird. But it’s not the first time Glasgow have been better at something than Edinburgh.

The poll asked a total of 2,829 people aged 18 and over from across the UK.

CEO of the survey’s website, Nick Swan, told the Daily Record: “Selfies have well and truly taken the nation by storm and it seems that many regions have jumped on the bandwagon.”

So, if you didn’t already know, selfies are taking over the world.

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