Here’s a rundown of the best happy hours for Exeter University students

Because poor decisions lead to the happiest of hours x


Sometimes an excuse is needed for you to go out for happy hour (essay deadlines getting a bit too much, situationship not replying to your snaps). But with all the deals going on in Exeter and a socialising mindset, we all deserve to go and get drunk without breaking the bank, no excuses needed. Choosing which pubs and bars to go to is a hard decision and sometimes you can get stuck in the routine of going to the same places over and over again.

Seeing as we are all in our “mature” era, sometimes going out for drinks with the girls rather than clubbing is more the vibe. It is the ultimate mood booster after a long day of (pretending that you are) working. If someone says to you, “I wanna go out tonight but don’t wanna spend £100 on Overheard”, then here are the best places to go feral during a happy hour in Exeter.

1. Revolution (Revs)

Obviously, situated as you enter town is Revolution. The happy hour at Revs in Exeter is Sunday to Friday until 9pm, so you can start the day drinking whenever you like.

Also, using the app you can call your own happy hour. Hello? Genius. If you have been lucky enough to join an Exeter Uni society that has a partnership with Revs, you are going to have to charge your phone up for a night out because everyone is going to also want to use your discount codes and utilise the double happy hour. This one is very dependant on the day that you chose to go though because the vibes at Revs can be hit or miss, as we all know. If you’re looking for some good fun and a laugh, then Revs is the happy hour for you.

2. BrewDog

Drinks from £4.95 from 8pm til close with a wide range of drinks to choose from, such as a pint of Wingman or a glass of Prosecco. And, you can get two cocktails for £12. BrewDog is a much quieter night out than a few of the other places on this list, and is often thought of as being more expensive. But, utilising their happy hour this becomes such a great and affordable place to bring your friends or a date to. They also have some arcade games hidden away in the corner to use some spare change on. If you want to take your house or flatmates out for a drink, suggesting a place like BrewDog might be a nice switch up from your usual haunts.

3. Artigiano’s

Slightly more on the pricier side but it is definitely worth it for the vibes alone. 2 for £16 cocktails so this is the sort of place you should bring a date to . Artigiano’s, if you have not checked it out yet, is one of the best places in Exeter. You can actually grab brunch here earlier in the day as well, and they do lots of fun smoothies and bakery bits and bobs. It’s such a good vibe for a girls night out, or if you fancy going to listen to some live music. The happy hour is more expensive, but if you have some serious debriefing or a lot of gossip to be shared, Artigiano’s is the place for you.

4. Turtle Bay

This one is an obvious choice and it is a universal student experience that you have to go here. We have all rallied ourselves for a bottomless brunch, so why would you disregard it for a night out? Happy Hour is two for one cocktails every day until 6:30 and then again from 9pm until they close. This means that the cocktails end up being roughly £10 per round (for two of course), which makes it one of the cheaper happy hours out of this list.

5. The Terrace

Happy hour is all the time at The Terrace, two for one Cocktails all the time. Another location that is perfect in sunny weather or on a late night. Because of their happy hour being constant, this is a fab place to take your friends to for a birthday party. The cocktail prices range from about £10 to £14.50 so you have a bit more power over choosing your price range in comparison to some of the other cocktails at other happy hours. When the DJ comes out and you take it too far, that is when you know you have utilised happy hour properly. Everybody loves The Terrace and I don’t have a bad word to say about it.

6. Hub Box

One of Exeter’s underrated spots. Two for £14 is a little more pricey than some of the other locations, but they definitely put enough alcohol in these to make it worth it. In summer, going to Hubbox for a few drinks on their terrace is so cute and if you can grab a burger and chips too, it makes the ultimate afternoon. They have coolers as well which they often do as a deal where you can add rum or vodka to some of their mocktails. If you miss their happy hour deals these are worth your money.

7. Cocktail Club

A hidden gem of Gandy Street, two for £12 cocktails, seven days a week. I used to walk past this place and presume that there wasn’t much going on but my god was I wrong. Sometimes I have gone in and some nice jazz music has been playing and I have sat and gossiped with my friends. On some nights the bar staff stand on the bar, swing the lights around, ice flies everywhere, booming house music blasts and everyone and their nan is on the dance floor. If you have locked in to come here for happy hour, you need to accept that this will either be a nice chill one with your friends or the most feral night of your life, no in-between. It is not for the weak.

8. Coolings

Coolings is an independent cocktail bar in Gandy Street. The Coolings have an extended happy hour Monday through to Friday, 4-8pm. The cocktails are two for £14, but also during happy hour you can get two VKs, a small glass of wine, or a slush cocktail for just £5. Coolings makes such a nice night out because it is far more chilled for drinks with the gang, their menu is huge and the location is always super cozy.

9. Spoons

Every hour at Spoons is happy. No further comment.

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