Here’s exactly which pre drink Exeter uni halls would be, based on pure vibes

Sending thoughts and prayers for the people in Old Laf

Everyone knows that pres are undeniably the highlight of an Exeter night out (and arguably the highlight of an Exeter social life as a whole). We all have our own go-to drink, whether that be the cheapest bottle of wine you can find or the classic vodka squash. Of course, the aim is to be as drunk as possible to avoid spending your precious pennies in the club, but the type of drunk you are and the type of night out you have is arguably determined by your beverage of choice. The type of drink you consume tells everyone exactly the type of person you are and no one can convince me otherwise. So without further ado, these are the pre drinks I associate with each of the most popular uni accommodation halls, based purely on vibes.

Old Lafrowda – £5 wine

If you’re from old Lafrowda, you’re probably good vibes and fun on a night out, much like the perfect level of wine drunk only achieved from a £5 bottle. You love a bargain and you can probably be a little rowdy – you live for the thrill of “doing it for the plot”. However, you also give the vibe of a middle-aged woman going through a mid-life crisis where wine is the only possible solution. This is unfortunately what happens when you live in an accommodation that looks as inviting as the local prison.

New Lafrowda – Rum and coke

We get it, you live in Lafrowda. Rum and coke is the most basic pres drink but people like to think it’s different because it’s not vodka. In the case of the residents of New Lafrowda, you are probably basic but like to make your whole personality about living in Lafrowda because you think it makes you come across cooler and less posh. It doesn’t: We all know you just got rejected from East Park.

East Park – Tequila lime-soda

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Tequila is an expensive liquor which you can definitely afford. You probably went to private school and say you’re from South London when you’re actually from Surrey. You’re an exciting person to go on a night-out with but definitely end the night with flatcest, a fire alarm, or throwing up. I’ve allocated you lime and soda because of you new health and fitness journey, otherwise known as, the East Park stairs.

Birks Grange – Vodka Redbull

Much like vodka, the residents of Birks are often very versatile. You never quite know who you’re going to meet there, but generally you’re pretty decent people with a good social life. The Redbull is very much necessary to get you up cardiac hill, and if you manage to do this drunk, I salute you.

Holland Hall – Gin and Tonic

You’re probably attractive in a trust fund, Ralph Lauren kind of way but definitely think you’re better than everyone else and view every social occasion as a networking opportunity. Without a doubt, you went to private school and get a weekly allowance from daddy which affords you the best of everything. You probably play DnB at pres to convince people you’re relatable.

Pennsylvania Court – Moretti beer

If you’re from Penny C, you’re probably far more interested in discussing stocks or Shakespeare than going out. You opt for a beer and a cigarette over shots, and likely buy dozens of TP tickets to commit daylight robbery on Overheard. Although probably more bearable than Holland hall residents, you also look down on anyone whose parents earn below six figures.

Moberly or Duryard – Vodka squash

Like the drink, you’re probably plain, basic, and easily impressed. Your only friends are your flatmates and the highlight of your week is getting invited to pres elsewhere to save you from your own boring existence.

Mardon Hall – Whiskey

With the most ancient halls on campus, it’s only fitting to designate you the ancient drink of whiskey. Not a popular choice, your hobbies likely include clay pigeon shooting and heated political debates. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a pres here, but I imagine it would consist of classical music and ballroom dancing.

Side note: If your halls weren’t included in this, you probably don’t go to pres because I’ve never heard of you. Keep sipping your water.

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