A definitive ranking of the best places in Exeter to grab a pint

In need of a pint? Here are your best options


I think we can all agree that it is fundamentally important to keep yourself hydrated. So, forget water, we are here to inform you about the finest establishments in Exeter to grab a pint. After embarking on a classic pub crawl, we have finalised our rankings – that is, from what we remember. 

The Old Firehouse

Beers, candles, pizza… The Old Firehouse can be used as an enjoyable venue for many occasions, from dates to mates they will welcome you at the gate. For those who have been spending too much money in Timepiece, here you can enjoy a student discount until the early hours of the morning. We enjoyed a Neck Oil which was absolutely exquisite, as all of the pints are, and we allocated a score of 4.5 out of a possible 5. 

The Black Horse

Only a minute away from our previous contender, The Black Horse is located at the top of Longbrook Street. We enjoyed the array of sports they offered on the many TVs, cold pint in hand and a set of arrows in the other. It’s worth mentioning that this is a slightly more expensive venture, however, worth it for the nice pints and darts. 4/5.

The Bowling Green

This is a great place to go if you want to play pool and be sure that you will get a place on the table. The atmosphere is usually somewhat quiet and peaceful, which is a nice change from the more studenty pubs in Exeter. With an extensive range of beers available on tap, for a reasonable price, it’s the perfect location for a relaxed pub trip. 3.5/5

The Stoke Arms

This pub made the list mainly for convenience, being a short distance from The Vic and Henry’s. Recent renovations mean that it is worth visiting if you have not yet been this year, but the rogue decoration choices might make you leave feeling a little strange. A perfect example of this is the random cutout of Taylor Swift which watches you drink from the corner of the room. However, this can be turned into something fun, Taylor loves a cheeky pint just as much as us. 3/5

The Prospect Inn

Situated right next to the Quay, The Prospect is the place to go if you want to mix beer with sun. We enjoyed the finest of fish finger sandwiches in Exeter to line the stomach, along with pints of Tarka, a local Devon lager. Be careful of the questionable soap in the bathroom (you’ll understand when you see it). 4.7/5

Victoria Inn

Arguably the most popular pub, The Vic is a staple for student life in Exeter. Enjoy an eight pint tower filled with whatever beer or cider your heart desires whilst engaging in some pretty average chat and a game of Trivial Pursuit at the end of a long day in the library. From pool to pub quizzes, the Vic never disappoints. One word of advice – park up early! 4.8/5

The Imperial

There’s not too much to say about Impy. Spoons, cheap pints, good location for pres if you’re a first year venturing to Fever. Probably not the place to take the family when they come down to visit, but the perfect location for a hot summer day in the garden. 3/5

So there we have it, a ranking of the best places to visit in Exeter to enjoy a pint, arguably the best way to quench your thirst down here in Exe. Do remember though, having a pint can start you on some lethal side quest nights out – so drink responsibly lads!

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