Here’s what your favourite Exeter pub says about your overall vibe

You’re not edgy for liking Topsham Brewery

Picture this: you’ve been at Exeter for a good year now, and you’ve had quite the rounds when it comes to pubs. Whether that be at pub golf, a pub crawl, or perhaps a “casual pint”, you’ve seen it all. Despite this, you’re feeling lost and unsure of yourself, where do you stand in life and what is your purpose? Well, you’ve come to the right place (maybe). Read ahead for your personality, based on which Exeter pub is your favourite! There definitely isn’t a more scientific or reliable test than this one.

The Victoria Inn  (The Vic)

What hasn’t the Vic got? Tuesday’s open mic nights, Thursday’s pub quiz’s and the big screen showing the Six Nations: the Vic has something for everyone. It’s a crowd pleaser, much like you.

The phrase, “home is where the heart is”, cannot be said to be more true than in the Vic. From waltzing around all of the different tables claiming you’re on your way to the toilets, catching up with pals or hanging by the bar drunkenly chatting up bar tenders. Just like the Vic’s atmosphere, you’re a social butterfly.

Regular members of this fine establishment are usually second years or third years who are in denial about deadline season (relatable). If you’re a fresher and this is your favourite pub you are definitely confident and popular (not to mention, arrogant) – bold of you to assume you could enter second year territory babes.

If the Vic is your favourite pub you may also be described as loyal. Living in the sticks and trekking the 35-minute walk to the Vic is your badge of honour, which you hold up as you crawl up Penny Road dripping with sweat and dreaming of the coldest Guinness in Exeter.

If you live in the ‘golden triangle’ as it is often described by those who gloat they live “oh yeah, just near the Vic and the White House”, you have probably attended “drink the Vic dry” or been caught pouring your own pints here and there: you like a bit of excitement in your life. You may even be part of the new and very prestigious VicSoc – you’re up for an (incredibly drunken) adventure.

The Old Firehouse

Whilst Firehouse is not specifically a pub, it remains on the list for many a pub golf. If Firehouse is your favourite, you are probably a classy person who appreciates the artistic décor: the outside area, the stage, and the live music. You are most likely friendly, and appreciate ‘the buzz’ of the atmosphere.

You have bottomless pockets (shoutout to mummy and daddy) and good taste if you are a regular here. Or, if you’re in the minority at Exetah, you’re sucking up the student discount to your maximum ability. Favourites of Firehouse could also claim to be celeb spotters with the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Blossoms being spotted here after gigs in Exeter. You are probably an influencer, detailing your days on TikTok and lying in wait for the next celeb to turn up.

The Black Horse

If this is your favourite pub, you have good taste. You are most likely an organised person who appreciates a decent pint, and you are prepared for the high prices (think those who actually stick to their budget on a night out). Favourites of The Black Horse are determined and resilient. It is highly likely that you have been turned away for forgetting your ID at the door but your resilience prevails and you have managed to sneak in eventually – we commend you!

You may also be a bit of a party person if this is your favourite. It is a pillar of the Exeter pub crawl route with its exceptional but rather secretive pub garden at the back. You’re loud but have a softer, quieter side to you.

The Black Horse lovers are commonly known to live either on Penny Road or Longbrook Street and they usually appreciate a “casual pint” once in a while too.

Turk’s Head

If you like Turk’s you appreciate quality and a good atmosphere. They are known to have beer from local breweries and a cracking pub quiz with exceptional prizes, what can you say? You’re an entertainer. However, Turk’s is also a popular date spot, so you may be a bit of a player, constantly swiping through rugby boys and chino boys to find “the one” on Tinder. I hate to break it to you, but the love of your life is not in Exeter, gal.

Topsham Brewery

If Topsham Brewery is your favourite pub I would describe you have to be physically fit as it is a trek from campus. You’re energetic and lively. You must be a perfectionist and this is no different when it comes to enjoying a cheeky beveragino. You enjoy tasting different types of lager, ale or Devon’s finest cider. You’re a bit of a pompous connoisseur, which can get you a bad rep, but you mean well.

The Ship

The phrase, “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” can be said for this Exeter pub. The Ship is known to be packed, usually with locals or fellow students on a pub crawl. So, if the Ship is your favourite, you appreciate people and are a curious person who is eager to find out about every person’s life who is sat in that pub. Oh…look! It’s suddenly been five hours and you’re still sat chatting to the same local about their life back in the 80s.

The Imperial (Impy)

You are a bundle of laughs and appreciate fun if this is your favourite pub. Cheap pints and the best pub garden in Exeter – what more could you want?

The Chevalier Inn (Chev)

If Chev is your favourite pub, it is purely because you are already quite pissed and most likely on your way to fever, experiencing life to the full as a silly fresh. Known to students as a pit-stop place to pre in Exeter, you have no care for your own safety and will probably drink the night away until you blackout in a toilet somewhere (not from personal experience).

George’s Meeting House

If George’s is your favourite pub, you are quite a quiet person, appreciating the fact that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. However, you still appreciate that they have great student friendly prices and also a fantastic beer garden. You love a deal, but want it away from the raucous drunkenness that is the Impy and prefer a peaceful setting.

The Ram

If the Ram is your favourite pub, you are a workaholic – staying far too long on campus and needing to go for a so called “working pint”, or you are a fresher who has finessed the system and is living it large on their student friendly prices and the short commute of which to bumble home afterwards.

The Duke of York

Let’s face it…The Duke of York could be so much better than it is, so if it is your favourite pub, I would have a hard think about why that is the case. Do you need to talk to someone? It is probably because it is convenient and you are grieving the death of St Anne’s Well, RIP. It has great potential to be a fantastic student pub due to its location but the majority of its customers are locals, so its full talents lay undiscovered to most Exetah students. This is much like you, who has more to discover about themselves and needs time to develop their full potential. You may be considering the infamous gap yah to find yourself…


Great drinks deals and cosy vibes. An all-round winner, as are you if this is your favourite pub.

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