The 10 different types of Exeter student in the library right now

6. The one in pyjamas (pretty much all of us)

It feels like the whole city of Exeter is in the library right now. Almost every type of student can be found typing frantically at a desk somewhere on campus. There’s truly nothing like deadline season to bring together people from all different walks of student-life: the TikTokers, the gym rats, the dissertation students and that one couple who are in a constant state of PDA in the corner – seriously you two, give it a rest – please. In case you needed another reason to procrastinate by people-watching, here is a definitive list of the 1o types of students you’re probably sitting next to in the library right now.

1. The romanticiser

Also commonly known as the TikToker – or the psychology student. They have likely arrived at the library armed with a 200 page floral notepad, those pastel Stabilo highlighters everyone loved in year eight and a black biro that they have absolutely no intention of using. They are here for the vibes and the TikTok content only.

2. The Redbull-er

Now this is someone who is here to work. And come hell or high water, work they will. With about 15 words and a two hour countdown till their deadline, these people aren’t here to mess around. The sound of their frantic typing is only ever punctuated by the sound of an equally-frantic can opening. Approach with caution or, ideally, don’t approach at all.

3. The crier

Likely, this person will be in a corner somewhere, crying very quietly into their laptop. While mental breakdowns are of course welcomed in the library, might we recommend not doing it in the silent study space? It will make it less mortifying for both you and the others around you, who are seconds away from joining in.

4. The couple

Every floor seems to have its own couple, you know the ones, the two in the corner who definitely aren’t here to work. If we’re totally honest, the only test they could possibly be prepping for is a pregnancy one. And I think it should go without saying that the library is really not the place and certainly not in deadline season.

5. The all-nighter

Now this student is hard to find without becoming one of them. Anyone still sat firmly in their seat at 10pm qualifies for this category, but the truly spectacular specimens are best spotted between the hours of 3am – 5am.

6. The fashionista

The Forum is a personal runway for anyone bold enough to use it as such. Anyone with two or more matching colours in their outfit can definitely be considered a fashionista, but at this rate, anyone not wearing trackies or slippers has my vote. Unless they are these slippers, of course.

7. The gym rat

We get it, you’re better than us. Turning up to campus in a matching gym co-ord with a protein shake, yoga mat or any other gym accessory is like announcing to the rest of the library that you, unlike everyone else, still have your life together. You aren’t living off leftovers and your idea of leg day extends past the walk up Forum Hill. Good for you.

8. The procrastinator

This student starts their day with good intentions, they get to the library early, bring a packed lunch and have a schedule for the day. Unfortunately, when you walk past them at 1pm, they are busy doing almost anything BUT the work they so carefully timetabled this morning. If you see someone online shopping, updating their LinkedIn or writing a Tab article in the library this week, now you know why.

9. The gossipers

You wouldn’t have thought the library is the place to go for a major debrief or scandalous gossip, but I’ve been wrong before now. Despite numerous alternative goss-spots, the law library seems to be the place to be to spill your tea, whether it’s hot, cold, or iced. You have to be content  sharing this particular cup of hot goss with about seventy other people, though, so spill at your own risk.

10. The one who should be in the library right now but isn’t

You know who you are.

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