Top 10 worst places to take a pregnancy test in Exeter

Most of us have been there…

Let’s be honest, most of us have been there. For some of us, more than once. And for a few of us, never again (number 10 on this list, I’m looking at you). Inspired by a recent discovery that Market Place sells pregnancy tests for just over a quid, here are our top 10 best to worst places to take a pregnancy test, ranked from “best” to worst.

1. In your own bathroom at home

Comfort is key in moments such as these: close proximity to your own snacks, toilet paper or even tissues on hand for the tears of relief or despair, your bed also close by for an emergency nap – it’s got everything.

2. In your friend’s bathroom

Moral support, a change of scene and a great story no matter the outcome, this is a close contender for the number one best place to pee on a pregnancy stick.

3. In The Ivy toilets

I know they say money can’t buy happiness but I’d definitely rather cry in the avant-garde, flower filled Ivy toilets than the Princesshay public ones. Just saying.

4. In shared first year accommodation bathrooms

While this is technically still your “home” bathroom, sharing it with 12 other people isn’t exactly the most private experience. Someone will almost certainly knock on the door and tell you to “Hurry up” during the nerve-wracking three minute wait. Don’t hurry up. Wait the full three minutes.

5. In the Costa bathroom in town

It’s awkward enough using big chain café toilets when you haven’t bought a drink, let alone when you’ve brought a pregnancy test with you instead of a loyalty card or a reusable cup.

6. Any library toilet on campus

For some reason, everything is always more awkward when its in a library. It’s a universal truth. Extra points if you’re using the £1.90 Market Place pregnancy test… Now that’s a low point.

7. In your parent’s loo

Okay, this one technically isn’t in Exeter, but there aren’t many places worse to take a pregnancy test than in your mum and dad’s toilet. Don’t get me started on the absolute pantomime that is disposing of the evidence in the outside bin so they never have to find out their innocent angel is not so innocent.

8. In the bathroom belonging to the man responsible for this mess

Firstly, most of the time he is the last person you will want to see in this moment. Secondly, often they will either tell you you’re delusional because “yOu ToOk ThE mOrNiNg AfTeR PiLL” or they will be a nervous wreck themselves. Neither presence is particularly calming. And finally, men hardly EVER have a bin in their toilet. Prepare to exit the loo brandishing a stick of pee like a solider bearing arms.

9. Chev/Spoons toilets

Need I say more? There is only one place less desirable than the Chev’s, over used bathroom and that is…

10. Club toilets (especially Unit 1)

Don’t even ask me about this. I’m not ready to talk about it. I’m still in therapy. The only possible silver lining is that you’ll probably be surrounded by hype-girls, baby or no baby.

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