Exeter named runner up for University of the Year in Good University Guide 2023

Oxford, we’re coming for you

The Sunday Times released the Good University Guide last week. It rounds up and rates the best UK unis, looking at a range of factors from teaching quality to social inclusion. Exeter University is now ranked 13th nationally – a whopping eight places up from 2022. Exeter was also named this year’s runner up for the University of the Year award.

The rankings rate: teaching quality, student experience, research quality, entry standards, graduate prospects, the percentage of Firsts and 2:1s, completion rate, and student to staff ratio – Exeter scored 804 overall. It was ranked the number one uni for studying drama, and for Middle Eastern and African studies. It also revealed the percentage of students who attended a private school prior to attending the university: a shocking (or maybe, not so shocking) 34.5 per cent.

Statistics taken from the official rankings reveal that Exeter has been valued with 75.3 per cent overall teaching quality and 75.5 per cent student experience. Students will be happy to learn that graduate prospects for high-skilled jobs and graduate level study are high, valued at 83.8 per cent, whilst the percentage of degrees with a first or 2:1 is currently at 88.8 per cent. Graduate prospects have soared – up nine places from 2021, placing Exeter comfortably in the top 20, with graduates finding high skilled work within 15 months of finishing their degree. And, despite the recent covid years, completion rate is currently at 94.9 per cent.

Regarding Exeter’s rise in ranking, Professor Lisa Roberts, Vice-Chancellor of the University said: “We are absolutely thrilled that the University of Exeter has secured the runner-up position in this important ranking, as well as a significant rise in the overall league table position. This result is a testament to the partnership between our staff and students to continue to drive Exeter to continued success and enhancement of all that we do. As we mark a successful first year in the delivery of our new strategy, this achievement is one that we can celebrate within our University community, and also with our partners regionally, nationally and internationally, who play an integral role in achieving our ambitions to create a greener, healthier and fairer society for all.”

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