Pret to remove subscription from Uni of Exeter shop

From 27th September the Pret on campus won’t be accepting subscriptions

There’s nothing that goes together better than Pret and Exeter students – the two are inextricably linked.

However, this strong bond is about to be thrown into turmoil as Pret has confirmed that it has agreed with the University to remove the store’s subscription from 27th September 2022 – *cries into oat iced mocha*.

As most of you will know, Pret Coffee Subscription allows subscribers to order up to five Barista-made drinks a day for £25 a month. Although this may seem a little spenny, as soon as deadline season hits we’re on roughly six coffees a day, so you can easily get your money’s worth.

Thankfully, the High Street store will still be accepting subscriptions, but according to Apple Maps that’s a solid 25 minute walk from the centre of campus, which is not very convenient if you’re in need of an energy boost in the library, claiming that you’re only taking a five minute break.

A Pret spokesperson told The Tab Exeter: “Our Pret Coffee Subscription was the first of its kind and we always said that we would be learning as we go. Each of our shops is unique and tailored to different customers’ preferences and local demands, and in this instance, we have decided to remove the Subscription from this shop following discussions with The University of Exeter. Customers can continue to use their Subscription at the vast majority of our UK shops, including our nearby Exeter shop – about a mile away. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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