EGing and The Impy: Everything you need to do as an Exeter Fresher

Impy, Impy, IMPY

Life as a Fresher in the “new normal” world of sit-down clubs and six person groups is an experience far removed from what us veteran third years remember. You may never fall down the stairs and Timepiece, you may never be sharked, you may even never experience the stress of trying to revive a drunken housemate so you can scrape into Unit one before Quids in ends.

There is, however, still hope. Exeter has some great experiences to offer that can be done without risking an encounter with Lady Covid, here are our top 10.

The Imperial

Is there a better place in the world?

The first thing everyone says when met with the Imperial is this looks like a wonderful five-star hotel, and then us students smile wryly and retort “that, my friend, is a Wetherspoons”. Two bars, a massive garden, and even an orangery, this must be the greatest student pub in the world.

You might have to queue up with your up-to-five friends to enjoy this experience, but a pint of Hophouse on a picnic table outside the Impy on a sunny September afternoon is easily worth it.

EG a pint

Bit of an odd one this.

EGing, or Empty Glassing, is perhaps our University’s finest tradition. You finish your pint, puff out your chest and proudly tap the glass against it. Why? Because that’s what we do now have another and DOWN IT FRESHER.

It might not be the sanest or most complex part of our Uni culture but its definitely one of the most important. Just try it, you’ll see what I mean.


Old Firehouse

Ludicrously Instagrammable.

If you’ve had enough of the Impy and want a classier, more relaxed evening the the Old Firehouse is for you. The fairy lights, long benches and bunting create a cute, Leaky Couldron-style vibe, but the crowning glory is the pizza.

When you order one of these monsters you are in for the long haul. They are enormous square artworks, and though you know its a losing cause you ALWAYS order one each. The leftovers from a day at the Firehouse will feed your uni flat for months.


A classic student haunt.

The wonderful thing about the Ram is its diversity. In the space of a day, you’ll see stressed third years writing essays, committee members handing out stash and sports fans with trays of pints crying over the football. Who knows how these things will play out in Covid times, but the Ram is still a staple of Uni life.

You can’t call yourself an Exeter student until you’ve tried their curly fries.


Good for fashion and the environment.

Sat on Exeter’s most famous street, Sobey’s is a great charity shop selling reworked vintage clothes. Its right in the city centre and surrounded by some of our best cafés, so its a must on any shopping trip.

Sometimes there’s a chihuahua inside too so its worth a visit just for that.

McCoys Arcade

A hidden gem.

There’s a road in Exeter that will make you say “I’m no longer in Exeter I’ve been transported to Bristol”. When you reach this road, McCoys arcade is its pinnacle.

There is something for every kind of insuffrable hispster. Whether it be craft beer, fancy tea, vintage cameras, vintage clothes (£20 Levi’s YES LAD) old video games or guitars this place has you covered, and its all topped off with a cute little plant-based cafe at the end.

The perfect place to tell people about your gap year.

The Quay

A great day out if you avoid the Geese.

This is where the University takes its pictures to go in the “our city” section of their broschure. Whether you fancy some watersports, a few drinks or even just a nice walk, the Quay is always the prettiest place in Exeter.

Its not the same now that you can’t visit the fluorescent sweatpit that is Move, but its still a great day out.


Our greatest local beach.

At just £3.40 for a return, a day on the beach at Exmouth could be one of the cheapest days trips available to us broke students. Top tier Ice cream, top tear fish and chips, even in the brutal weather Devon can throw up an Exmouth trip is one of the best non-boozy things you can do with your weekend.

Even the seagulls are more chilled out than the ones we fight on campus.


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