If Exeter halls were Gavin and Stacey characters this is what they’d be

Forget Billericay and Barry, they’re in Exetah now

Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you become a little bit obsessed with it? Or perhaps enjoyed something so much that you, hypothetically, matched fictional characters to your university accommodation?

If the answer is YES then you’re in luck!

Through blood, sweat and tears we have finally agreed where the Gavin and Stacey gang would live if they were fellow Exeonians.

Take a look below to see where they’ve moved in to.

Lafrowda: Smithy 


Smithy is loud, lairy and his life is a chaotic, messy nightmare. The residents of Lafrowda are no different. They exist along the same beer fueled wavelength and spend their time either drunk or hungover.

That said, despite living their best, albeit irritating #SillyFresh life, there’s no one else you’d rather enjoy a foam party with.

St Germans / Rowe House: Gavin

Basically Lafrowda, except smaller and quieter. That is essentially the premise of Gavin Shipman, living in the shadow of his funnier and more sociable friend.

Duryard: Stacey

The distance between Duryard and Lafrowda is the Exetah equivalent of Barry to Billericay. Duryard may as well be renamed Duryard Island on the basis that it is so far, far away.

That said, Duryard goers and Stacey do have the same loyal, fighting spirit when defending their land from criticism. If Stacey won’t admit that it even rains in Barry, you’ll never get someone to admit that it rains in Duryard either.

There’s no denying that Stacey is also the most whiney member of the group- to the extent when it becomes a core characteristic (and a littttle bit irritating) . Living in Duryard gives you the same whining energy, except that no one cares! It’s a fifteen minute walk, grow up.

Northernhay: David Coaches

If you’ve ever visited Northernhay then you will be aware of two things. Firstly, the fact that it has a flatcest pandemic, and secondly that they all really, really like ket.

Dave’s mantra encapsulates the spirit of Northernhay well: “Fags and weed, glue and speed. But I draws the line at crack.”

Ultimately, the line is drawn as they are still Russell group babies who would really like to take a 2:1 home to Mummy and Daddy.

Printworks: Mick

If you’ve seen Gavin and Stacey, then you’ll be well aware that Mick is pretty much Daddy Warbucks, having paid for Gavin and Stacey’s wedding, as well as offering them a (very) generous house deposit.

With Printworks having an on site cinema room and gym, money man Mick would fit in quite nicely.

Being in the middle of town, there is literally no excuse to miss a Monday Fever or a Wednesday TP.  The Mick’s of the world would never dream of missing such events. What a lad.

Point Exe: Nessa 

No one really knows who Ness actually is. Much like no one knows where Point Exe is. All you can do is use vague clues (“it’s by the railway station”) to give you some sort of idea, but it remains unknown.

Nessa is exotic, her past a mystery.

She and the Point Exe dwellers exist on the fringes of society, their presence unnerving and uncomfortable. What are they capable of? Who knows.

If Nessa is anything to go by, make sure you don’t start a scrap. After all, they might’ve been South Wales wrestling champion three years running.

Rowancroft: Gwen

Poor Gwen. Essentially an example of modern day slavery, she churns out omelettes for the cast day in, and day out. The overwhelming emotion felt for Gwen is pity. And that is how we see residents of ‘Shitcroft’.

A pitiful existence, in which cooking an omelette is probably the only source of entertainment or joy that will be experienced on Friday night.

Holland hall: Pamela Shipman 

Does it get anymore Holland Hall than the legendary Pamela Shipman? No, it does not.

Pam is a prosecco princess and a velvet tracksuit loving QUEEN. Even though Holland Hall might be more champagne and Barbour, she would still fit nicely in the boujee catered halls.

Pamela’s obsession with the royal fam (particularly Miss Camilla Parker Bowles) is likely shared with the residents of Holland. After all, there’s deffo at least one of the residents that has legit royal lineage.

Birks Grange village (catered): Neil, the baby 

Neil, the baby, is a helpless infant, and thus cannot help but rely on others to care for him and feed him. Those in Birks catered residences experience similar perks, except they’re technically adults.

Neil the baby, alongside those in catered, have cumulative life skill points of zero.

Luckily for Neil, in a years time he won’t be expected to sustain and cook for himself. As for everyone else, all we can do is send them our prayers as they attempt to cook a salmonella free curry.

St David’s: Bryn

The Welsh icon himself would obviously live in an accommodation with the same name as the patron saint of Wales. To all the Bryn’s living in an Exetah world, St David’s is a Welsh oasis.

Bryn, after a few mint Bailey’s, is the life and soul of the party. To be fair to St David’s, what it lacks in location, it makes up for in knowing how to throw a decent pres.


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