Little Miss Homeless: Meet the Exeter student writing about female homelessness

‘This book is NOT a children’s book’


Harriet Earle-Brown, a PhD Student at Exeter Uni, has written Little Miss Homeless,a book using the Mr Men format to tell true stories of female experiences of homelessness.

In the description for the book, she writes: “This book is NOT a children’s book. Little Miss Homeless culture jams the Mr Men series, using real stories from homeless women, to draw attention to the experiences and issues they face.

“This book is not being sold for profit- it’s purpose is to raise awareness to some of the issues faced by homeless women and to push for their needs as women to be increasingly incorporated into service provision.”

We spoke to Harriet about her experience writing the book, and how its been received so far. She said: “My PhD research focuses on homeless women- so it  [The inspiration for Little Miss Homeless] came from that!