People who don’t wear masks are more likely to be sociopaths, study says

If you’re not already wearing one then what are you doing?

People who don’t wear face masks are more likely to be sociopaths, a study has found.

A study in Brazil has found people who reported “antisocial traits” are less likely to wear a mask, follow social distancing or other new coronavirus health rules.

The study, of almost 1,600 Brazilian adults, found those who are less likely to comply with coronavirus rules, such as wearing masks, have lower levels of empathy and higher levels of “antisocial” behaviours like deceitfulness, hostility, and are more manipulative.

These characteristics are also often found in people diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopathy, which the American Psychological Association defines as “a chronic and pervasive disposition to disregard and violate the rights of others.” The NHS says someone with antisocial personality disorder will often be “manipulative, deceitful and reckless, and won’t care for other people’s feelings.”

The study’s researchers said: “Our findings indicated that antisocial traits, especially lower levels of empathy and higher levels of callousness, deceitfulness, and risk-taking, are directly associated with lower compliance with [coronavirus] containment measures.

“These traits explain, at least partially, the reason why people continue not adhering to the containment measures even with increasing numbers of cases and deaths.”

According to The Times, there have been similar studies in Denmark, Poland and the US, that have found a link between antisocial personality traits and refusal to wear a mask.

However, Professor Fabiano Miguel, who led the study, said its results should be treated with some caution. He said: “We cannot state that if a person chooses not to wear a facemask, the only reason is because they are a sociopath. Although this is possible, there are likely other factors involved.”

Honestly though, lockdown was way back in March and if you’re still not wearing a mask by now even though you’re able to, you need to sort yourself out.

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