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Homeless drug addict raids Exeter student house and goes on shopping spree

He stole a suitcase to carry his loot

A homeless drug addict who raided a student house in Exeter was caught trying to use a student's bank card during a shopping spree on the High Street straight after.

Daniel Littlewood broke into the shared student house in Cowick Street through the back door and stole a £250 laptop and bag from the communal area of the house.

He tried to wipe his finger prints off on the door handle before snatching a suitcase from a storage cupboard to transport the items he had stolen.

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He headed straight to a cash machine in the St Thomas shopping centre and made three attempts to withdraw money using the stolen card. He was caught on CCTV with the suitcase at his side.

He then went on a £300 shopping spree with another bank card stolen by someone else from the home of an Exeter University academic during a previous burglary.

The card was used for several contactless transactions by Littlewood and a homeless friend in a series of shops around Exeter, including Langmaids News, the Newham Stores, and CEX, and the Tesco Express and McDonalds on Exeter High Street.

41-year-old Littlewood, formerly of St Andrews Road, Exmouth, but now homeless, admitted burglary, handling, four frauds, and personal possession of heroin and cannabis.

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