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We asked Exeter students if they feel safe on campus, and here’s what they had to say

‘I think the Uni should make issues of safety more apparent to people when they arrive here’

In light of the recent sexual assault on St Germans Road in the early hours of Wednesday the 13th of November, we asked Exeter Students how they felt regarding their safety on campus.

The University sent out an email warning students to stay safe, issuing some advice and the phone number of Estate Patrol. However many students do not think this is enough to tackle the problem of safety on campus.

A petition for the university to introduce better safety measures, such as a shuttle bus system and an increased presence of estate patrol, has been created and is now at over 12,000 signatures.

We asked some students if they felt safe on campus and, if not, how campus safety could be improved, here's what they had to say:

Alec, Second Year, Philosophy and Theology

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“I feel very safe on campus, the only reason someone would harass me would be if they are drunk or want to take my stuff. It can’t be one-hundred per cent safe all the time and has clearly not been for a number of individuals, but on the whole, I haven’t witnessed or experienced many potential threats around campus.

"If we had security cameras on most walkways to campus accommodations and lots of signs reminding people of their presence, that would definitely make campus a lot safer to walk around, even late at night."

Elise, Second Year, English

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"I feel completely safe during the day on campus but at night I think I wouldn’t feel safe if I was on my own. After what happened I don’t feel as safe at night. I don’t feel the presence of estate patrol at all, I felt it more when I was a fresher but since living outside of campus, they have become irrelevant.

"I like the idea of the shuttle bus, but it would have to be mainly for the freshers. I think that they should make issues of safety more apparent to people when they arrive here."

Cameron, Second Year, Geography

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"I feel safe on campus, my size helps. After the recent event I can understand why people feel more unsafe. I think there needs to be more campus security and maybe for the police to patrol campus like they would the town"

Imogen, Second Year, History and International Relations

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"I feel safe on campus. To improve safety there could be maybe more lights"

Will, Second Year, Economics and International Relations

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"I’ve always felt safe walking around campus, I do think that there are some issues in the surrounding areas, however. I do think the alley down by Lafrowda can be rather dodgy, especially after sunset as there’s not enough lighting.

"I also think that there should be more cameras around the entrances of uni. I’ve never really felt unsafe on campus its more walking around town after nights out"

Beka, Second Year, Philosophy and Theology

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"I definitely don’t feel as safe on campus anymore. I think people need to make sure to walk home together especially from clubs or nights out"

Edward, Second Year, Ancient History

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"I think its really bad that I had no idea about the incident [before the email was sent]. Campus security should patrol more"

Josh, Second Year, History

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"I feel safe on campus but obviously that’s less of an issue for me because I’m a guy. I would feel more safe if police where around"

Emma, Second Year, Drama

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"I feel safe on the main campus because there are always people around. I did feel unsafe the other day on Prince of Wales road, at the crossing, because all the streetlights are broken. I also find the path off Prince of Wales road quite scary at night"

Elise, Second Year, Philosophy

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"I did feel safe on campus but now at night I don’t as much. I think to be safer every area has to be lit"

Nick, Second Year, Engineering

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"Yes, I feel safe on campus, to make campus safer there would need to be more CCTV, even if its fake, or maybe a shuttle bus."

Sam, Second Year, Economics and Finance

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"After the sun goes down, I don’t really feel safe on campus. Hopefully city council can put in more lamps to improve visibility."

May, Second Year, Philosophy and History

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"I find campus really creepy at night. I think there needs to be better lighting and more patrols"

Seb, Second Year, Law

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"During the day its fine but at the end of the night I don’t. Especially where I am living this year (Mount Pleasant area), there are no street lights, so this could really be improved."

Mary-Beth, Second Year, English

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"I usually feel safe on campus but I don’t really need to go there after dark anymore. To be safer maybe there should be more lights and more CCTV"

Hannah, Second Year, Maths and Russian

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"I mostly feel safe on campus but I think if it were to be improved more CCTV would be good because of the thing that happened the other day"

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