Wellies at the ready: flooding in the Forum Library

Looking forward to getting inside to get dry? Think again

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Earlier today, as heavy rain swept across campus again, University of Exeter students were forced to deal with another sort of water-related issue: a great big puddle in the Forum Library.

At around 3pm, individuals on the ground floor slowly became aware of an growing body of water just outside the men’s bathroom – although it was a minor concern at first.

Please shower before entering the Forum pool

After the puddle grew in considerably in size, and following complaints to Library staff, the disturbance was eventually cleaned up.

Following the clean-up, a representative of the University said: “There was a plumbing issue and estate patrol handled it today.

One student choosing not to take the scenic route

“The cleaners […] contact campus services for any building-related [issues], if the rain were coming in or the toilets were overflowing. We had problems down here as well.”

Let’s hope this plumbing problem – whatever it is – does not persist. If so, galoshes and wellington boots in the Forum could soon become very much in-vogue around campus.

If one sign isn’t enough, several will do

A message for the vertically-challenged studying the Library

“This fault has been reported”

A message for the non-vertically-challenged – and more signs