VIDEO: EURFC fresher chugs sub-15 second snakebite jug

EURFC starlet George Beale chugs jug at eye-watering speed

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EURFC fresher George Beale claimed his place amongst Exeter’s bolting elite with a truly remarkable performance at Walkabout last Wednesday.

Beale, who plays for the 1st XV, faced off with four-and-a-half pint jug of snakebite to celebrate his upcoming birthday, and also because the rest of the club wanted to see if he could better his previous record, set at their ‘Beat the Snakey’ social last term.

Beale begins his almighty, four-pint-and-a-half task

The official time, a truly ridiculous 14.93 seconds, was the average from the three stopwatches used on the night. Asked if his talent was new, the former Bromsgrove pupil said that he has “always enjoyed boozing” and that he “just tries to put in a good shift.”

Club legend Ben King, crowned Exeter’s finest bolter earlier in the year, was reportedly speechless after Beale knocked back the jug.

Beale preparing to represent England

Asked about King’s reaction, the fresher suggested he’s always loved “silencing faster bolters,” but paid tribute to the influence the bolting colossal has had upon him as a teammate. According to Beale, “there’s always a bit of competition between them.”

After necking the jug, according to fellow EURFC member Fred Wheadon, “[Beale] was absolutely fine. He didn’t throw up, just carried on as normal and came back to Mardon with the other boys and I after McDondalds to watch TV in the common room.”

Chugger-in-Chief Beale sees the end in sight

Asked what lies in store for him in the future, Beale’s response couldn’t have been better: “potentially a faster jug, and maybe an improvement to my one pint time.”

In the words of one EURFC member, “they shall carry his name on horseback.” George, you’ve truly booked your place in Exeter’s bolting hall of fame.

If this snap is anything to go by, the man certainly isn’t new to boozing.

We at salute you at The Tab, and look forward to witnessing what you may achieve in future years, both on and off the pitch.

A very humble, booze-filled success story.