Top Five Hangover Cures

If all else fails, you can just keep drinking.

Hangover the tab the tab exeter

With essay deadlines looming, we’re now well into first term – but we know you’re all still going out, particularly you pipey fresh.

If you haven’t devised a decent hangover cure for yourself already, let The Tab help you out:  

1. Full English Breakfast:

Eggs (check), bacon (check), beans (check). Where are the sausages?

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey. The greasy goodness in this dish will help absorb all those tequila shots you thought were such a great idea.

2. Tomato Juice:

The juice itself looks good, but what’s that yellow thing in the middle?

Because alcohol works your liver into the dirt, there’s no time to maintain healthy levels of sugar. Tomato juice helps replenish them – even Johnny English swears by a virgin Bloody Mary.

3. Aspirin:

Taking more than the required amount really doesn’t work.

This is actually a remedy that ought to be taken either just before you head out for a night of wild adventure, or just after your stumbling self is escorted back by your flat mates.

4. Voodoo:

These are voodoo devils. Scary looking things, aren’t they?

Haitian voodoo says that one should stick 13 black pins into the cork of the offending bottle. Might not be so easy with a pint of lager, but you can always go back and ask for the keg.

5. Hair of the dog:

This probably only applies to freshers (and alcoholics).

Yes, this might just be the stupidest idea anyone ever came up with.

Got any of your own hangover cures? If so, comment below and let us all know.