A – Z of Exeter: Part II

The second part of The Tab Exeter’s definitive guide to student life.

Birks Grange Cardiac Hill Exeter Glenn Skinner harry potter lafrowda Miss XXXeter Mosaic the tab the tab exeter The Vic timepiece University of Exeter

Following on from A – Z of Exeter: Part I – we hope you enjoyed reading it – here’s the second half to The Tab‘s guide to student life. Check it out below:

L is for Lafrowda: Long ago, when hot-pants were first in fashion, Old Lafrowda may have looked half-decent – although that’s rather hard to believe. With UoE clearly learning from such architectural eye-sores, New Lafrowda’s not too bad at all.

How The Doctor would react to the news he's in Lafrowda.

DT hearing he’s in Old Lafrowda.

M is for Mosaic: Commonly known as Mozzas, the club for flat-cap, Barbour-wearing blokes from Holland Hall and Birks Grange. The VIP area may be the size of a postage stamp, but Mosaic is always packed on Monday and Thursday nights.

N is for No EGIf you have some strange desire to pass out in someone’s front garden and sleep on a dead cat (no word of a lie, that’s happened), don’t EG. The Tab doesn’t need to tell you what it is. By now, you probably all know for yourselves.

O is for Oxbridge: The place from where most of us here have been rejected.


How we like to think most Oxbridge students spend their time.

P is for Pennsylvania Road Co-op: After first year, living out in the big wide world, you’ll probably become anaemic or develop some unpronounceable medical condition without the Penny Road Co-op. Its cumberland sausages: amazing.

Q is for HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi III: Having become a Doctor of Philosophy (with distinction in history) at Exeter, Al-Qasimi is the Sharaj ruler who donated £5m to the completion of The Forum. Perhaps the ultimate BNOC.

R is for Rah: If your Daddy (not Dad) earns enough to have sent you to some posh-sounding prep school, you rarely touch your overdraft and you think you’re the shit for snorting Class A drugs, you’re probably rah – a euphemism for ‘You’re a twat’.

S is for (Glen) Skinner: The local homeless bloke, Skinner allegedly chose such a nomadic lifestyle and, in the process, became an alcoholic. After befriending most of Torquay Town, he now even has pages devoted to supporting him on Facebook.


Skinner (middle) with his two fave things: cigarettes and alcohol.

T is for Timepiece & The Tab: Perhaps the two most popular things in Exeter. Every Wednesday and Friday night, TP is the place to be and, judging from PullCam, one of the easiest places to get some. The Tab, meanwhile, speaks for itself.

U is for Unay: After The Tab‘s own Opinion Editor, Harry Penrose, documented the groundbreaking discovery of Uni Unay by UoE students in February 2012, this term has become increasingly popular across campus. Uni Unay: a mantra for student life.

V is for The Vic: Our original decision was Virgins; then we realised there aren’t many of them at Exe, so instead we have The Vic. Situated at one end of Vic. Street, everyone likes a drink at The Vic, a great local pub. The Hunter’s Chicken: top nosh.

W is for Walking: Whether you’re in Exeter Halls or down in Point Exe (bad luck), which was allegedly infested by cockroaches in 2010, walking, if you want a degree, is an unfortunate prerequisite. Still, it could be worse: you could be at Loughborough.

What we all want to do after climbing Cardiac Hill.

What we all feel like doing just after climbing Cardiac Hill.

X is for Miss XXXeter: Critiquing orgasms and one night stands, Miss XXXeter has caused quite a stir since she first emerged on The Tab. Despite such widespread disbelief, Miss XXXeter is real – although her identity shall never be revealed.

Y is for You Know Who: You know, He Who Must Not Be Named. It was inevitable we’d have something related to J.K. Rowling, Exe’s most famous alumni in recent years. Check out Firehouse, the pub that supposedly inspired The Leaky Cauldron.

Z is for Zara: Yes, Z is for Zara, the shop in Princesshay Shopping Centre from where most girls at University of Exeter get their clothes. Speaking of fashion, stay tuned into The Tab over the next few weeks for our latest Fashion In The Forum.