"A parrot walks into a pub…"

An escaped parrot has been reunited with its owner after milling around Pitcher and Piano


While you’ve been locked away in the library, life in the city centre has been eventful.

At 9.10pm Friday 11th May, a parrot was caught outside Pitcher and Piano on Queen St.

A police officer retrieved the disturbed parrot and ferried him to the Heavitree Police station in a cardboard box. Tweets (as you can see in the pictures) were sent out in search of the parrot’s owner.

Allegedly, a parrot specialist from the RSPCA was to be sent out from South Yorkshire to collect and tend to the parrot.


Jessica Crumbleholme, a second year student, was working at Pitcher and Piano when she saw the Parrot on the sign outside.


' A woman came in and told us that there was a parrot outside sitting on our sign. At first i didn't believe her but then i went outside and it decided to take a poo on it. The manager thought it was hilarious, it brightened up our day!'

Unfortunately, the RSPCA officer was unable to arrive in Exeter until the following day due to the distance from South Yorkshire.

Thankfully, a Police Community Support Officer took pity on the parrot and was permitted to take the parrot to her home address and give it the appropriate caged overnight accommodation – rather than leave it in the soggy cardboard box in a side room in the Police Station.

After some enquires, it was discovered that a parrot had been declared missing the day before.

The relieved and grateful owner was reunited with her pet by the off duty PCSO.

It is believed the owner intends to make a donation of thanks to the RSPCA.

It has not been confirmed whether the parrot escaped in search of crackers.

Who says nothing ever happens in Exeter?